Autumn 2021

Private Aviation & Premium Travel
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Dubai Airshow is important for private and business aviation and has considerable participation from this segment.

One of the participants from this segment is Boeing Business Jets (BBJ). The Middle East is responsible for around a quarter of all BBJs ever sold, and over half of the widebody fleet of BBJs, said Alex Fecteau, Marketing Director – Boeing Business Jets.

BBJ has a proven track record of providing the most reliable, highest quality and most luxurious flying experience for 25 years.

Though Boeing will not be displaying a BBJ publicly, as this is primarily a commercial show, it will have a commercial Boeing airplane or two on site. Its BBJ Demonstrator will be offsite and will be available for private, invite-only showings, said Fecteau.

The BBJ Demonstrator is a 737NG based aircraft and comes loaded with all the typical features of a BBJ.

“Over the last two years, we have explored new channels to have productive conversations with customers when in-person meetings were not an option. It has been a challenge for the personalised private aviation business and we are excited to be back at an in-person show”, said Fecteau.

Speaking on what’s new at BBJ, he said: “The BBJ 777X will have its first available position in 2024.”

On the future of private aviation, Fecteau said: “A new class of private traveller has emerged: Those who used to fly first and business class. Until now, they have not seen the value in chartering a private jet. BBJ offers the best-in-class operating economics and residual value. Both are essential for charter companies to offer attractive pricing to entice new passenger and retain their current VIP passengers. On top of that, private jets offer a significant reduction in touchpoints. Boeing airplanes also come equipped with health-enhancing low cabin altitude on every jet, and includes air filtration and sanitisation akin to a hospital operating room.

“The region is also doing well – business aviation is above what it was pre-pandemic. We expect the region’s business jet travel to stay up in the future for the same reasons we’ve seen a heightened interest globally. People are finding out that it can be much more affordable than previously thought, especially for those former first and business class travellers, and it has a perceived reduction of risk for health reasons, which also strengthens the case,” he said. 

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