Mon, Oct 16, 2017

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VIP 787 a dreamy way to fly

A VIP Dreamliner that can fly up to 40 passengers in comfort and luxury across the world is now available for charter to jetsetters across the Gulf. 

The Boeing 787 from Asian business aviation group Deer Jet is being offered for charter by UAS International Trip Support (UAS).

Billed as the first and only VIP-outfitted Dreamliner, as the 787 is commonly known, the wide-body plane is named the “Dream Jet” and is based in Dubai.

The jet offers luxury services along with advanced technology that makes it healthier, more comfortable, and more energy efficient, Deer Jet says. 

Capable of flying non-stop over 16,000 km and 18.5 hours straight, and accommodating up to 40 passengers, the aircraft is as efficient as it is luxurious. 

Along with the main lounge, dining area, and guest cabin, it also has an impressive and spacious master bedroom, dressing area and washroom. 

The Dream Jet will be based in Dubai and UAS will offer the aircraft to its Middle Eastern, African and European customer base of UHNWIs (ultra-high net worth individuals), and Royal and Presidential entourages.

Over the past few months, the Dream Jet was promoted on a world tour that took in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Dublin, Seattle, Marrakesh, Doha and Paris and most recently, Jeddah. 

Omar Hosari, UAS Co-Owner/Founder and CEO said: “The Dream Jet is an exquisite aircraft, unlike anything else available on the planet. We have already begun successful charter flights for the Dream Jet in the past few weeks, and we are confident that this aircraft will continue to surpass the expectations of even the most demanding clients.” 

Zhang Peng, Chairman and President of Deer Jet, said: “The 787 Dream Jet embodies our brand motto of "Making Travel an Art", and the aircraft has received lots of attention from customers in the Far East. We already have operations in the Middle East, serving the area with a fleet of long-range BBJ, Gulfstream 550 and 450 series. The size and diversity of our fleet can effectively serve the Middle East, Europe and global market. We believe that Deer Jet’s operational capabilities coupled with UAS’s expertise in trip support will create the best flight experience for our customers worldwide.”

Under a deal signed last December, UAS became a flight support partner for the fleet of 90 aircraft that Deer Jet operates and manages. 

The alliance has significantly enhanced both companies’ capabilities and is accelerating strategic goals to revolutionise international business flight and user experience. 

Deer Jet and UAS will use the 787 Dream Jet to serve the luxury travel market worldwide.

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