Mon, Sep 11, 2017

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Meydan’s new gem goes on sale

An upscale residential oasis in Dubai inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon has launched sales of its homes.

Called Royal Pearls, the project is being developed by Oriental Pearls over an area of 4.6 million sq ft at the Meydan master development in the city.

Designed as a residential haven, Royal Pearls will have 7,000 freehold apartments in a serene location infused with 20,000 sq m of landscaping and greenery.

At the heart of Royal Pearls is a modern community centre, surrounded by water features, and a beautifully landscaped park. 

It will have an assortment of attractions and leisure offerings, cafes, restaurants, a 55-seater private theatre, day care centre, multifunctional hall, spa, salon, bowling alley, squash courts and a massive fitness centre. 

Other features include home automation, smart security, and connected facilities management. 

Tariq Jarrar, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Oriental Pearls, said: “In this market, quality is synonymous with connectivity. Dubai has been at the forefront of smart city innovations, offering networked and web-based services years well ahead of other major cities. With the addition of Royal Pearls to Dubai, we hope to extend that legacy into the homes of citizens and residents.”

The project is well on its way to completion by 2020, with 10 per cent of Phase I complete. To-date, the enabling work for the first 1,565 apartments is finished and the anticipated completion for all units is scheduled for November 2019.

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