Spring/Summer 2024

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Heights of Wellness

A massive premier luxury development focusing on enhancing the quality of life and promoting well-being of residents has been launched in Dubai.

The Heights Country Club & Wellness by Emaar Properties, strategically designed to foster an environment of health and well-being, spans 81 million sq ft and has a development value of AED55 billion ($15 billion).

Combining wellness and convenience, the development boasts a coveted location only 10 minutes from Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport. The airport is currently undergoing a major expansion that will make it five times bigger than its existing size and transform it into a mega gateway to the globe.

A meticulously designed wellness centre lies at the heart of The Heights Country Club & Wellness, surrounded by lush wellness greenways that offer serene pathways winding throughout the area. These features, along with tranquil water bodies, picturesque ponds, a comprehensive network of cycling and jogging tracks, expansive parks, and numerous event plazas, are seamlessly integrated into the 1.3 million sq m of open space, enhancing both the environment and the quality of life for residents.

Emaar Properties Chairman Mohamed Alabbar said: “The Heights Country Club & Wellness is our response to Dubai’s progressive vision of promoting well-being. By combining lush landscapes, advanced wellness facilities, and dynamic community spaces, we are creating an environment that goes beyond the typical aspects of luxury living by providing a holistic lifestyle that benefits residents’ physical and mental health.

“The Heights Country Club & Wellness embodies Emaar’s approach to shaping future lifestyles, inviting everyone to live a life centred on wellness and community,” he added.

The Heights Country Club & Wellness’ residential offerings are a showcase of architectural brilliance, with options to suit a variety of tastes and preferences. Designed to blend seamlessly into the natural environment, the chic townhouses and semi-attached villas combine linear forms with elegant curves, echoing the ebb and flow of nature, said Emaar.

This development not only meets its residents’ basic needs but also provides a comprehensive and convenient lifestyle. The community infrastructure includes schools, hospitals, mosques, and a large retail space with a variety of upscale shopping and dining options.

“Situated conveniently to allow easy access to the urban centres of Dubai while providing a serene escape from the city, The Heights Country Club & Wellness, aptly described as ‘Where Life is Well-Lived’, marks a turning point in modern urban real estate, where community well-being and luxury living converge to create a place where every day is filled with tranquillity and a sense of calm and serenity,” says the developer. 

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