Wed, Jun 28, 2017

Innovative water scooter hits Ibiza

Vanquish Yachts in the Netherlands has delivered the first Vanqraft VQ16 to Ibiza, where she is now serving as a waterscooter and tender to the recently launched VQ48 DC sport boat. 

The owner and his guests are already making waves around the Balearic island as the innovative 16-ft water scooter and tender crossover more than meets her promise of fun, speed, comfort and convenience the builder says.  


This particular model has its own garage on the new VQ48 dual console with which it shares a matching and gorgeous grey colour scheme. The striking livery complements the beautiful overall finish created by the Dutch master craftsmen at Vanquish. 

Anyone with water-scooter experience can take the helm of the VQ16 and head out on the waters. The craft is extraordinarily easy to manoeuvre and much more comfortable than traditional water scooters, Vanquish says.

What’s more, her 200 hp Yamaha 1.8 L engine with jet propulsion offers speeds of 40 knots. All in all, the Vanqraft VQ16 takes the water scooter vibe to the next level with a phenomenal performance that is unrivalled in the market today, the builder adds.  


Uniquely, however, such high speeds and awesome agility are also available when the full quota of five guests step aboard. 

The Vanqraft VQ16 has proven its ability to offer exceptionally comfortable cruising for up to five people. An afternoon of exploration and adventure beckons, or the water scooter becomes a superior tender, facilitating easy access to beach clubs and restaurants.  

Five other models are at various stages of construction ready for delivery this summer and a further five Vanqraft VQ16 have been ordered. A Veloce version capable of roaring through the 50- knot mark is also available for those who want more speed, the builder adds.

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