Sun, Dec 7, 2014

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Hi-tech windows keep you totally in the dark!

If Boeing’s latest airplane has them, then there’s no reason why your exclusive private jet shouldn’t.

That’s right, we are talking about those electronically dimmable windows (EDWs), one of the highlights of the new Dreamliner jet, which can be lightened or darkened at the touch of a button in favour of old-fashioned blinds.

However, France’s Vision Systems says it can go one step better with “ultra-dark dimmable windows” that let you rest in near total darkness while your jet wings its way from Dubai to Durban.

Vision Systems, which describes itself as a leader in solar protection solutions for business aviation, will be at the Middle East Business Aviation Show (MEBA) show, which opens tomorrow in Dubai, UAE, drumming up interest in its latest range of EDWs which go by the name of Nuance Ultra-dark.

So how does it work?

Well, the windows use SPD (suspended particle device) technology to progressively dim and reduce light, glare and heat entering the aircraft.

This EDWs are said to improve visual and thermal comfort and block out 99.85 per cent of all light.

Vision Systems says the EDWs also complement the sleek, elegant designs seen on VIP jets.

Among other advantages, they help reduce air-conditioning consumption when the aircraft is on the ground by minimising heat gain and keeping interiors cooler and also block more than 99.9 per cent of ultraviolet (UV) light which protects the interiors from fading, it points out.

Furthermore, as the EDWs have no movable parts, maintenance costs are reduced.

The EDWs can be controlled from a touch panel directly on the window or from a control panel or personal electronic device such as a wireless tablet.

Vision Systems will also be exhibiting the latest version of a greener option within its range of EDWs, called Energia.

As its name implies, Energia produces its own energy from the sun through transparent photovoltaic cells integrated into the glazing which allows energy to be stored in a battery to provide the dimmable window with electricity.

As the energy stored is higher than the EDW’s operational needs, the prototype includes a USB socket to charge a smartphone as well as a reading light.

Energia's latest version is presented as a 3.4-mm thin curved window with a photovoltaic film producing more energy (20W/sq m) than its predecessor.

Vision Systems’s EDWs can be darkened from the top downwards like a Venetian blind, from the bottom up, or by adjusting any zone at any level.

Available in different colours and tints, they include a window or partition solution for complete privacy (clear to opaque white).

These systems can also be combined with rollers or pleated shades to bring a warmer design to the cabin.

Vision Systems will also exhibit a cutting-edge inflight entertainment system called Visi VIP, which is scaleabe and can be customised.

Different configurations are possible though one single box and multiple screens including motorised displays up to 65 inches, wireless personal tablets, and HD screens.

The connectivity option include internet access, email, video conferencing, and personal smartphone use over VoIP with guaranteed voice quality through a Satcom 1 receiver.

Visi VIP offers the passenger the possibility to stay connected all the way from the office to the arrival terminal, says Vision Systems, adding that other options include a switch on the flight attendant’s panel from the IFE media center to a Blu-Ray player connected to the box.

MEBA is being held at the new Dubai Airshow site at Dubai World Central (DWC), from December 8 to 10.

Vision Systems, which has its headquarters in near Lyon in France and production facilities in Florida in the US, will be at booth 712.

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