Thu, Mar 3, 2022

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600 HNIs to join Dubai property show

More than 600 global high-net-worth individual (HNI) real estate investors will take part in the International Property Show 2022 (IPS 2022), to be held in Dubai this month, as part of a delegates programme.

Coming from various countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa, the delegates represent a qualitative addition to the portfolio of visitors of IPS 2022, to be held at Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from March 24 to 26.

The global delegation programme aims at exploring new opportunities for real estate investment in Dubai, where investors will undergo a series of intensive presentations and meetings, said a statement.

With the aim of attracting more real estate investments to Dubai and contributing to the Emirate’s vision of increasing foreign direct investment and creating investment opportunities for the growth of the national economy, IPS is the annual event dedicated to developers and individual retailers in Dubai.

“Real estate investment is one of the major economic pillars of the Emirate of Dubai and the UAE. IPS 2022 will display unique solutions to support this vital sector as it attracts more investors from all over the world, aiming to avail from offerings of real estate developers participating in the show,” said Dawood Al Shezawi, President of Strategic Exhibition and Conference and Head of Organizing Committee of IPS.

“The visit of a delegation of 600 leading global real estate investors to the show and their 10-day stay in Dubai represents a great opportunity to further boost potential real estate investments in Dubai as the industry is witnessing exponential growth over short and long term. We welcome leading real estate developers from the UAE and the region at large to participate in the show and connect with the global investors delegation, as well as to share knowledge and experience to support the real estate sector,” he added.

IPS 2022 will raise real estate awareness through a leading initiative at the show, which involves educational workshops to be attended by real estate brokers, agents and executives working in the realty market to learn about the latest trends in real estate markets in the region and around the world, the features and dynamics of the real estate industry and methods of increasing investments and promoting sales solutions, post-sale services and other related topics.

This step aims to create greater awareness of the real estate field in order to enhance the market competitiveness by training personnel who have the knowledge and skills to push the sector forward.

Moreover, IPS features the ‘Invest in Dubai Real Estate’ initiative, a favorable destination of the real estate industry and one of the most prominent initiatives of Dubai Land Department to promote real estate opportunities in Dubai. The initiative will reveal unprecedented interactive features during the show to provide an extraordinary experience for the global real estate community visiting the event.

This leading initiative for the real estate industry in Dubai, uses state-of-the-art virtual technology based on a digital platform aiming to further boost the realty industry in the Emirate. This initiative will also generate more intensive commercial opportunities for the real estate market in Dubai, in conjunction with IPS.

‘Invest in Dubai Real Estate’ initiative also contributes to linking exhibitors, developers, investors and professionals around the world to maximize real estate investment opportunities in the market with a view to further promote and sustain investment growth in the Emirate of Dubai, it said.

IPS 2022 will also witness the attendance of a large number of high-profile visitors from around the world including chief executives, decision-makers, senior representatives of companies, real estate investment funds, real estate agents and other leading organizations operating in the property sector. – TradeArabia News Service-

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