Spring / Summer 2021

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New Liberating Sensory Voyage

Amouage has unveiled its latest creations: Boundless and Material.  Together they plunge one deep into a synaesthetic fantasy, depicting an awakening to the novelty of pure existence, consumed with the joy of newfound liberation free from any prejudice, says the perfume-maker. 

Masterfully brought to life by perfumers Karine Vinchon-Spehner and Cécile Zarokian under the creative direction of Renaud Salmon, Boundless and Material embody the power of liberation. They are products of almost 18 months of labour of love.

“Boundless and Material are traditional woody-spicy-ambery creations, reminiscent of early personal olfactive memories of a time when the apparent lightness of life brought us simple pleasures that shaped our happiness,” explains Salmon. “They offer our senses fragrances where natural materials are showcased with rare purity and abundance to echo the life-bringing energy of liberation.”

In Boundless, this rite of spring comes alive through tones of spices, clear and crisp, dancing in the shade of deep and somber trees. A stark contrast of warm Cinnamon Leaf and exalting Blood Orange bridged by a fruity Ginger gives way to a heart where Myrrh Resinoid and brittle Tobacco Leaves gleam, at turns honeyed and bitter, while here and there sparks camphoraceous Cardamom, its cold bite gripping onto zingy accents of Papyrus Oil before fading in the mellow haze of a rare and silky Madagascar Vanilla CO2 Extract. Shying behind an Oakmoss veil, Balsams diffuse their hushed and sticky warmth, the Frankincense and the Elemi and the smoky Guaiacwood, their waxiness emphasising that of an even darker, fruitier, richer Bourbon Vanilla Absolute, shimmering like jungle’s very jewel.

Material is a paradox – through materiality, it evokes immateriality, teaching us to look beyond appearances and to realise that what matters is often unseen; an experience akin to standing in a grove and seeing in the sweltering shade a multitude of textures and manifold hues of wood and leaf and bark; all coming together into one.

“Material is all about vanilla absolute, one of the most emblematic natural substances used in perfumery. In this fragrance, the star ingredient possesses a dual personality, presenting both a comforting side and a leathery, animalic facet; constantly shifting between innocence and wildness,” said Zarokian.

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