Sun, Oct 4, 2015

Private online lounge unites Mercedes-AMG owners

Mercedes-AMG owners in the Middle East are invited to join AMG experts and drivers from more than 100 countries through an exclusive online lounge.

The AMG Private Lounge, an exclusive web-based platform, will offer the latest AMG news, exclusive information, videos and images, technical information and direct access to AMG experts from Affalterbach in Germany.

The lounge also helps members connect with like-minded owners around the world who share the same passion and interest in the exceptional cars.

“The AMG Private Lounge is an excellent platform that connects the AMG brand with its loyal customers from around the world, and with its official introduction in the Middle East and Levant, our loyal customers in the region will now be able to join our global AMG family,” says Dirk Fetzer, director of Sales and Marketing,  Daimler Middle East and Levant. “From 2016 onwards, we will start organising regional AMG events and gatherings for Mercedes-AMG owners. Sign up and stay tuned.”

The private lounge also serves as a privileged-access portal for members to receive invitations to exclusive member-only global and regional AMG events, including fun, stylish lifestyle events to once-in-a-lifetime high-performance driving events.

A key highlight every year are the annual AMG Private Lounge Days held at a number of international race circuits around the world, at which Mercedes-AMG owners are able to immerse themselves in all the performance, passion and adrenaline-inducing elements of the AMG brand experience.

Registration to the AMG Private Lounge gives members a chance to receive regular giveaways that are not available anywhere else, such as AMG collectables, and AMG Private Lounge exclusive merchandise. Users may enter the VIN of their Mercedes-AMG vehicle to register at

AMG is the high performance division of Mercedes-Benz, which independently engineers, manufactures and customises Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles.

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