Tue, Sep 15, 2015

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Prisma reflects architectural spirit

Carrera y Carrera’s new Prisma jewellery collection is described as an exuberant representation of geometry laden with reflective light effects, featuring angles, lines, curves, and spheres.  

The collection symbolises the reflection of the eternal light of the universe in each of these baroque carved pieces. White gold, diamonds, and onyx are the stars of a line fraught with innovative geometric patterns and a strong avant-garde character.

The technical complexity of these pieces has been sagely handled by the master goldsmith. The impeccable finish and purity of form contrast with the unconventional and distinctive shapes for a spectacular effect.

The contrast of the radiant light of white gold with the black intensity of onyx embodies the duality of a brilliant dawn and dark dusk, while the butterflies in yellow gold flutter on the pieces as a prelude to the transformation of day into night.

The ring, pendant, and earrings in white and yellow gold with diamonds stand out as a set of fetish pieces.  Their restrained and industrial structure is slightly altered by the lively motion of the butterfly, which brings colour and style to the pieces.  This contrast creates a sense of architectural and avant-garde space where futuristic shapes combine beautifully with figurative art.

These pieces are full of movement. The openwork lets light pass through the lattice, and the spiral shapes convey the motion of a butterfly in flight.

For the earrings in white gold with diamonds, the jewellers have created an original design that follows the shape of the ear to give movement. This design allows for different ways of appreciating the piece depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

On the other hand, the “patchwork” concept remains visible in other necklaces, earrings, and rings from the collection; from contemporary art and baroque craftsmanship the goldsmith artisans create compositions and styles that enrich the jewels.

Prisma, or the combination of light in futuristic jewels, is the reflection of a radiant architectural spirit, the house says.

Carrera y Carrera is an international Spanish jewellery house. Present in over 40 countries, Carrera y Carrera has subsidiaries in the US, Japan, and Russia, and boutiques in Madrid, Barcelona, Tokyo, Moscow, Dubai, Bangkok, Macau, and Kuala Lumpur, among other cities.

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