Mon, Mar 1, 2021

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Lootah launches exclusive fragrant oil

Lootah, the UAE’s leading contemporary perfumery and aroma trend-setter, will launch its brand-new fragrant oil, Makhmariah, in early March.

It is an enduring fragrance applied to the hair and body, first discovered 100 years ago.

A precious scented treasure – each bottle of Makhmariah comes with a unique serial number and only a very limited number of pieces have been made available to buy for AED4,000, making it an exclusive piece to be cherished and beloved by fragrance-lovers.

First discovered 100 years ago, Makhmariah’s fragrance has been passed down through generations. Made from natural oils such as saffron, dehn al oud and black musk, this enduring fragrant oil is gently applied on the hair, behind the ears, and on the wrist.

Carefully placed in a beautifully crafted, luxurious, magenta-and-gold-patterned velvet box, Makhmariah truly is a scented work of art, exquisitely crafted to take pride of place in any home. The limited-edition fragrant oil will be available to buy, exclusively in the UAE, both in-store and online while stocks last.

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