Tue, Jan 19, 2021

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An allure of rubies

London-based Fehmida Lakhany is part of a select group of designers producing jewels using the Gemfields' diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.

The most striking features of Lakhany's designs were the intricate fashioned details. Fehmida has been making jewellery for over 20 years. We got the sense of a designer with a passion for creating exquisite creations.

What is the allure of rubies?

Rubies are more than a precious gemstone to us, we have a long sentimental attachment to this gem due to our Burmese heritage (the birthplace of the rare Burmese ruby) and it was also a personal favourite of my late mother - so as a brand we’re naturally drawn to what is already a beautiful gemstone. Aside from the personal affiliation with rubies, the inherent and mesmerising beauty of the gem is undeniable, the red hues, of course, add an element of romanticism but the colour can also elevate a piece and transform it to a higher level of luxury.

Your label was born in Knightsbridge (London) but now extends to many places, including Dubai. What is your relationship with the Emirate?

Our brand has always had a strong affiliation with the Emirate and the Gulf region, their culture and appreciation of jewellery is in line with our approach to Fine Jewellery, so engaging and designing for clients in this region has always come naturally to us.

How do you create pieces for GCC clients who want a union of elegance and stunning?

My designs can be described as a fusion of classic and contemporary periods and I’ve always sought to create jewellery that will appeal to the modern day woman as well as bring out the ultimate elegance and poise of the wearer. When it comes to GCC clients, elegance is naturally engrained in their lifestyle and to enhance this I always look to create designs that are encrusted in primarily precious gemstones. Furthermore, GCC clients are always looking for wearable art so when designing for this clientele I try to ensure that the pieces will transcend generations and remain timeless and impactful for years to come.

“The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” Collection, why this theme? How did Gemfields play part in this collection?

As a symbol of nature’s extravagance and with an air of mystery and allure the Hanging Gardens of Babylon has been a massive source of inspiration for us. We have always sought inspiration from the world that surrounds us, and felt compelled to recreate these inspirations into masterpieces of beauty and desire. Many of Gemfields’ emeralds, in particular, were used in this collection - naturally, the colour of an emerald can be closely associated with the gardens and through our designs, we were able to bring to life the fascination around the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, whilst adding an element of sustainability through our partnership with Gemfields.

What does the Gemfields “Space for Giants” mean for you? Tell us more.

Our collaboration with the international conservation charity, Space for Giants through our partnership with Gemfields is a great opportunity for us to showcase our jewellery to a wider audience while also bringing awareness to the African wildlife conservation program managed by Space for Giants. For us personally, our business has always been more than creating Fine Jewelry for clients and we have always sought to find purpose in every project we are involved in. The conservation of our planet and wildlife is not only a business priority but also a personal one. Additionally, there’s nothing better than being able to combine our passion and simultaneously make an impact.

- Breck Graham

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