Mon, Jul 6, 2015

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Arabia inspires new Bulgari perfumes

Luxury house Bulgari has launched three new perfumes inspired by the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of the perfume world.

Le Gemme Orientali is a complementary collection of three exotic eaux de parfum inspired by the most emblematic gemstones of the Arabian Peninsula: the imperial topaz, the carnelian, and the lapis lazuli.

Since ancient times, jewellery and perfumes have been woven together in an enduring love affair, says Bulgari, adding that its journey along the gems road continues with Le Gemme Orientali, “travelling across the desert, navigating by the stars, from oasis to oasis… along secret routes first carved into the sands by camel caravans”.

Created by master perfumer Daniela Andrier, the high-end perfumes draw inspiration from the gems’ colours, lights and emotions.

Bulgari has created a luxurious, modern and instantly recognizable flacon that takes its inspiration from the ancient amphora, the Roman vessel used to carry precious materials such as oil, gems, silk, perfumes and spices.

Each precious gemstone is presented in a shimmering bottle whose captivating arabesque cap is inspired by the intricate mosaics of the Intarsio Bvlgari jewelry collection. 

Zahira is inspired by the sacred carnelian, a symbol of serenity and wealth and is a “desert odyssey of fiery intensity, lit by the sun-kissed radiance of imperial topaz”.  Zahira, which means “shining and luminous” in Arabic, is a tribute to the “golden glow of the stone that rivals the sun”.

Selima offers a journey through the rich world of the Arabian Peninsula, inspired by the sacred

carnelian, a symbol of serenity and wealth. Selima, derived from Arabic, means “serene and calm”, to celebrate the soothing energy of the bewitching carnelian.

Lazulia is a fragrance as shimmering as desert stars, rising and drifting in a vast midnight skies of the bluest lapis lazuli, the gemstone of royalty and spirituality. Lazulia, which means “deep blue” in Arabia, is a homage to the gold-flecked ultramarine color of this celestial gemstone.

Le Gemme collection is described as “fragrant interpretations of the fine gemstones that inspire all Bulgari jewellery creations. They awaken the senses and highlight femininity in all its facets, revealing, in every woman, their desires and personality and beauty”.

Available in 100 ml bottles, Zahira, Selima and Lazulia are priced at Dh1,232 ($335) each.

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