Autumn 2014

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Time’s metamorphosis

Montblanc unveiled a new edition of its Metamorphosis watch at the 2014 edition of the Watches and Wonders Exhibition, which was held from September 30 to October 2 in Hong Kong.

The Metamorphosis II is one of the most complex movements ever developed and designed in Montblanc’s workshops in Villeret, Switzerland, revealing the timepiece “in a completely new aesthetic”.

The exceptional timepiece will be produced in a limited edition of just 18 pieces, offering a unique interpretation of the metamorphosis of time, says the manufacturer.

Its price will be in the region of $340,000.

The new timepiece is driven by a highly complex mechanical movement with 746 components and is based on the concept of overlaid dials, which open majestically like a theatre curtain. 

The aim of this complication is to offer a “spectacular change of design and function of the timepiece from classic time to chronograph and back using the same movement”. 

In the classic position, the timepiece displays the classical face of time showing the hours, minutes and date. A slide on the left side of the case is used to transform this elegant, classic indication, by revealing a new face. Additionally, the control device initiates a sophisticated mechanical process that transforms the dial with the classical time indication into a chronograph and new function. 

One of the most innovative, technical characteristics of the Metamorphosis II is its ability to retain all of its functions irrespective of the chosen face. The chronograph and date functions remain active independently of the watch face. Hence, when the timepiece is in classic mode and the chronograph is actuated, the chronograph minute counter continues to run. When the chronograph face is revealed again, the elapsed time is indicated instantly. The same happens for the date: even if the chronograph mode has been active for several days, the date continues to run in the background, and is displayed again with complete accuracy when the watch returns to the classic mode. 

It takes just five seconds for the watch to undergo the transformation from classic time to a sporty, elegant chronograph face.

Crafted entirely by hand, Metamorphosis II represents the perfect symbiosis of tradition and innovation, and will rightfully claim its place among the grand complications in the world of fine watchmaking, the manufacturer says.

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