Spring 2015

The ultimate stretch!

A new Mercedes Benz-Maybach Pullman, which will come with a tag price of over half a million dollars, was launched at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland, in March this year.

The launch coincided with the 50th birthday of the best-known Mercedes Pullman saloon, the Mercedes-Benz 600.

Mercedes-Maybach’s second model will now assume the top position in the line, with vis-à-vis seating in the passenger compartment and high-end luxury traditionally associated with Maybach.Its length of 6.5 m is a sign of its status. It provides space for a generously sized and tastefully appointed club lounge in the rear, which has a multitude of creature comforts fitted as standard. 

The chauffeur-driven limousine is more than equal to today’s demands for the ultimate in exclusivity and luxury, says Daimler, pointing out that VIP occupants sit on two standard-specification executive seats facing the direction of travel. 

“They can enjoy the greatest legroom in the segment; and can get into and out of the car with the greatest of ease and comfort,” the German carmaker says. 

As is typical for a Pullman, the four passengers can sit facing each other in the compartment with an electrically operated partition window. 

The prices for unarmoured models start at 500,000 ($560,000) and the first customers will be taking delivery of their vehicles at the beginning of 2016.

“The new Mercedes-Maybach Pullman is the embodiment of exclusivity at its highest level,” comments Daimler Board Member Ola Källenius. “It goes without saying that Mercedes-Maybach offers its customers unique opportunities to individualise the appointments of their limousines. The exquisite Maybach paint finishes, which are applied in several layers, count as part of this specification.

With a length of 6.5 m, the Pullman is another 1.53 m longer than the massive Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. The wheelbase is an impressive 4.41 m. Furthermore, at 1.59 m in height, the Pullman is more than 10 cm higher than a Mercedes S-Class, resulting in a tangible increase in headroom. 

The top-of-the-range model is the Mercedes-Maybach Pullman S 600 whose V12 bi-turbo engine has an output of 530 hp. With displacement of 5,980 cc, the maximum torque of 830 Nm is available from 1,900 rpm.


The name Pullman was originally applied to railway carriages with luxurious open-plan compartments manufactured by the American Pullman Palace Car Company. This name was soon also applied to the cars from Mercedes-Benz which were based on an extremely long wheelbase and offered a very generously sized passenger compartment.

The interior of the limousine is upholstered in leather as standard. Not only is the roof liner upholstered in high-quality leather, but also the door frames and seat consoles. As one would expect of a Maybach, there are three analogue instruments in the roof liner informing passengers of the outside temperature, speed and time.

The partition wall between the rear and the driver’s area ensures discretion. The glass partition wall can be lowered electrically. It can also change from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. This allows – in combination with the equally standard-specification curtains for the rear windows – for different levels of privacy. 

The standard-fit 18.5-inch (47 cm) monitor located in front of the partition can also be extended electrically.

The Burmester high-end 3D surround sound system has been further optimised. Hand-selected loudspeakers, improved membranes and tuning exclusively to the preferred listening of each individual customer guarantees the “ultimate in hi-fi listening pleasure”.

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