Winter 2020

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Made to Measure

French brand Atelier NA is set to take the UAE market by storm when it opens its first bespoke men’s clothing store in Business Bay, Dubai, in March.

Although proud of its French roots, Atelier NA has thrown off the shackles of traditional tailoring methods and provides the customer with luxury one-off garments quickly and inexpensively, says the brand.

Atelier NA offers a unique patented 3D body scanner that takes around 200 measurements in one second, allowing more time to be spent on detail and finishes. Still going strong after eight years, Atelier NA is firmly setting its sights on the international market after making huge inroads in Europe. Its aim is to make its luxury service accessible to all men, it says.

François Chambaud, Co-Founder, Atelier NA, says: ˝We’re thrilled to be bringing our innovative tailoring methods to the UAE and look forward to meeting all our new customers and expanding our loyal client base. Our new patrons can enjoy wearing premium, quality, and bespoke garments without the inconvenience of having to go to numerous fittings.”

Atelier NA’s made-to-measure suits are created with a full floating canvas interlining. They feature a rigid buckram canvas for the shoulders and hand-stitched canvas allows for a more natural shape. Customers can choose from a range of around 1,500 fabrics, with patterns to suit any occasion. 

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