Winter 2020

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Honouring the Pearl Tradition

Lootah, a leading contemporary perfumery in the UAE offering an extensive array of enchanting perfumes, incredible incenses, the finest fragrant oils and the richest agarwood, has launched two new fragrances to welcome 2020.

Lootah honours the occupation of pearl trading by bringing the beautiful craft back to life and attaching it to two precious new fragrances, presented in the latest ‘Pearl Collection’.

Created and crafted in the UAE, the Pearl Collection features two luxurious new fragrances, Jiwan and Mabe – named after pearls to highlight the emotional narrative, in tribute to the Emirati heritage of pearl diving.

Jiwan is a feminine, sweet, soft and confident fragrance for her that emboldens the wearer with the beauty of uniqueness and delight.

Mabe is a sophisticated, modern, musky note with a fruity pear aspect. A scent for her, that reflects sophistication and elegance, Mabe exudes freshness that flows with the rhythm of flying petals landing softly on a warm heart of oud. 

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