Autumn 2019

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Celebrating the Art of Less

Chronoswiss concentrates on the essentials for the new Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton.

With its barely existent dial and a skeletonised movement, the stunning timepiece is freed from all superfluous material. The result is a multidimensional Regulator watch with an elaborately constructed dial and deep insights.

The skeletonisation exudes a particularly contemporary aura due to the masculine size of 44 mm and the innovative clear lines of the piece. In addition to the “no frills” language of design, the dynamic colouring supports this effect. The funnel-shaped hour scale in bright colours is an absolute eye catcher. Through the semi-transparent varnish, the circular graining of the funnel is still visible.

Chronoswiss’ love of detail and horological finesse is also on display here. There is a smaller counterpart under the minute hand that accurately depicts an inverse image of the areas of the minute scale on a central miniature scale. These are hidden from view due to the overlapping of the large scale with the hour funnel. This trick elicits unclouded joy for the sophisticated design because the minutes can still be precisely read. 

The latest addition to the Flying Grand Regulator Skeleton range is limited edition – only 30 timepieces are being manufactured featuring a dial in galvanic black with contrasting accents in bright red and yellow, light blue and orange, or red and coral.  

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