Tue, Feb 10, 2015

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Get amorous with amethysts

De Grisogono has “reinvented” the language of love for Valentine’s Day with the enchanting and captivating charm of “amorous amethysts”.

This sumptuous mineral glows at the heart of the Valentine’s collections from de Grisogon’s founder and Creative Designer Fawaz Gruosi who says the stone’s history “is strongly symbolic of eternal love” in reference to Saint Valentine, who, legend says, wore a ring adorned with an amethyst engraved with the image of Cupid.

The collection includes:

• A unique high jewelry necklace in pink gold featuring 39 oval cabochon-cut amethysts, 39 oval cabochon garnets, 39 pear-shaped tourmalines, 24 pink sapphires and 1,058 brown diamonds:
• A Gooce ring from the Gooce Collection, in pink gold set with four amethyst drops of 15 carats, in which the finely sculpted amethysts reveal their purple nuances in polished pink gold teardrops.
• A pair of Boule earrings from the Boulle Collection set with a shower of 402 amethysts (24.20 carat) and diamonds;
• A Boulle bracelet, also from the Boulle Collection, displaying five intertwining purple leather cords held in place by a pink gold half sphere adorned with a pair of amethysts (2.70 carat) and spinels (3.10 carat);
• Gypsy earrings from the Gypsy Collection in pink gold set with a rainbow of a 12-carat mix of brilliant-cut gemstones ranging from amethysts to spinels, orange sapphires and diamonds;.
• A Sensuale ring from the Sensuale Collection in pink gold, set with two cabochon amethysts weighing 73 carats and adorned with a fine shower of pink sapphires and rubies;
• A high jewellery timepiece from the Grappoli Collection made of pink gold featuring 70 moving briolette-cut and 980 round brilliant amethysts for a total of approximately 60 carats;
• A ring and a pendant from the Chiocciolina Collection, both in pink gold, whose spirals inwards are set with a mix of blue sapphires and diamonds and the revamped centre-stone is composed of briolette-cut amethysts and blue sapphires;
• Melody of Colours earrings, in ruby-encrusted white gold featuring 107.90 carat drop-cut amethysts and a cascade made of 48 cabochon-cut amethysts (45.50 carats), 16 pear-cut rubies (7.10 carats) and emeralds; and
• A Melody of Colours ring in pink gold set with a cushion-cut amethyst weighing 16.50 carats surrounded by a playful cascade of amethyst discs and 316 spinels.

“The amethyst is one of my favourite precious stones. Its beauty transcends its so-called common nature. With its distinctive style, it evokes elegance and mystery. Its magnetic aura is pleasing to the eye and pulls at the heart strings; it is as intriguing as it is fascinating. This seductive stone embodies passion and true love,” says Gruosi.

“When cabochon-cut, the amethyst expresses its generosity and sensuality while revealing its internal depth. That is why I chose the cabochon cut to adorn one of my first creations using an amethyst,” he concludes.

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