Wed, Feb 4, 2015

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Haute hedgehog makes dazzling debut

Chopard’s ateliers have created an all-diamond ‘secret’ watch with the dial hidden beneath a dazzling hedgehog encrusted with moonstone spikes.  

This magical timepiece embodies the latest chapter in Chopard’s poetic exploration of the animal world. 

To capture the stunning radiance of a jewellery creation that is also a watch, this unique piece requires hundreds of hours of work by the finest talents of the maison’s haute joaillerie workshops. 

Beauty meets precision in this stunning hedgehog-shaped watch featuring 18-karat white gold entirely paved with diamonds and moonstones in an exceptional gem-setting technique. 

The timepiece celebrates the wondrous encounter between reality and dreams: an imaginary journey to the heart of a precious bestiary, says the Swiss luxury house.


This jewellery watch showcases the virtuosity of the artisans that producing it and the essential genius underlying its conception. Under the creative guidance of Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele, the maison’s Haute Joaillerie collections have enjoyed spectacular development in recent years. 

It now encompasses the dazzling Animal World as well as Red Carpet and Green Carpet collections, which exhibit the expertise of the finest craftsmanship and express truly modern artistic inspiration. 

From design through to execution, Chopard’s Haute Joaillerie collections represent a standard of excellence within the Geneva-based firm. Inspired by nature and nurtured by a singular aesthetic and ethical sense of responsibility, these creations are a source of constantly renewed wonderment.


The creation of this Hedgehog watch required the skills of the entire Haute Joaillerie team: designers, wax-sculpting jewellery makers, lapidaries, jewellers, gem-setters, and polishers. From lines to volumes, crafting gold to setting precious stones, the craftsman have given shape to the ‘secret’ jewellery watch and infused the precious hedgehog with a matchless sense of light in motion. 

Chopard says this seamless interaction between its various artisans is possible as more than 30 crafts are practiced under one roof at its workshop. 

The Scheufele family carefully nurtures these precious assets by focusing on the training and transmission of expertise from generation to generation, for Chopard is keenly aware that the people are the most valuable part of its heritage. 


Joining the wonderful bestiary of the Animal World collection, the stylised hedgehog is set with moonstones illuminated by tiny diamonds which are set according to a unique technique by Chopard’s master gem-setter. 

Cut into delicate spikes of varying heights by the lapidaries of the ateliers, the extremely delicate moonstones required the dexterity, expertise and talent of the gifted artisans to create the spherical body of the hedgehog with its ample volume. 

The head, set fully in diamonds, is embellished with two sapphires, giving it a strikingly radiant gaze. Meanwhile, its mischievous snout set with brown sapphires hides a well-guarded secret – touching it transforms this piece of jewellery into a watch. 

A dedicated mechanism governs the opening of the hedgehog in the middle of its back and reveals a tiny, baby hedgehog holding a watch dial in its paws. 

Entirely set with diamonds, the interior of the watch reveals all the splendour of an objet d’art, rendered even more precious by its secret nature. Sheltered from prying eyes, it unveils its charms and its watchmaking function only when the owner so decides.


While making a prime companion for situations when the time must be checked discreetly, the Hedgehog watch is meant to help its wearer entirely forget about the passing of time. 

‘Secret’ timepieces carry a hint of nostalgia reminiscent of an era when good manners implied occasionally peeking at the time without being noticed, says Chopard, adding that its aura of mystery and intrigue, together with its extraordinary beauty, endow the Hedgehog timepiece with a “singularly aristocratic allure”.

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