Wed, Feb 4, 2015

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New fragrance from Bentley

Bentley Motors of the UK has launched a new line of fragrances called Infinite, which it bills as an exciting addition to the men’s collection. 

Modern and alluring, Infinite embodies a desire for genuine freedom and individuality, inherent qualities in the DNA of the world’s leading luxury carmaker, it says.

It will appeal to those who are on a journey of self-discovery and want to make this a sensory and spontaneous experience. Thanks to the sophisticated composition of the fragrance, Bentley Infinite enhances the blends perfectly with the skin and gives its wearer a sense of youthful, contemporary elegance and vitality, it adds.

Designed for active, fashion-conscious men in search of stylish personal accessories with a distinctive flair and world-class quality, Bentley Infinite is also a “masterpiece of the art of perfumery” in two expressions - eau de toilette and eau de parfum. 

The bottle speaks the same language of form as the luxury car maker. 

The bottle, crafted from high-quality heavy glass, is reminiscent of cut crystal whose straight lines run into elegant curves. The broad shoulders of the bottle are coated with metal and the metal cap is finished with a diamond cut. The combination of glass and metal give the impressive bottle a modern luxurious feel.

The centre of the bottle is emblazoned with the legendary Bentley symbol, the “Flying B”, which is also found on the front of the silver box.

The new Bentley Infinite men's line will be available in selected international perfumeries and department stores from April 2015.

Prices are $74 (60 ml) and $99 (100 ml) for the eau de toilette, $109 for the eau de parfum (100 ml) and $34 for the hair and body shampoo (200 ml).

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