Mon, Feb 2, 2015

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Pearls promise a lucky year

Mikimoto is celebrating the Chinese New Year with three pearl collections that will bring the wearer luck and good fortune, according to the famous jeweller.

The Chinese New Year holiday, which represents the end of the winter season and celebrates the arrival of spring and all that is new in the coming year, starts on February 19. 

The new creations comprise the Double Eight (88) Collection, the Ruyi Collection - Winding Long Knot, and the Clover Collection.


Globally renowned as a lucky number, the number 8 in Chinese shares the same pronunciation as the word Fa, symbolising luck and fortune. Inspired by this number, Mikimoto has created an exquisite strand of 88 Akoya cultured pearls all 8-8.8mm in size which is transformed by a decorative 18-karat white gold clasp designed with the repetition of circles from the figure 8. 

Priced at £8,800 ($13,250), the necklace is said to be perfect for both casual and smart occasions, and the effective design enables the wearer “a multiple of styles to showcase its unique personality”. 


Valued as auspicious emblems of love and preciousness, Chinese lucky knots are the inspiration for the new Ruyi – As You Wish Collection. These traditional knot designs are symbols of eternity and luck, this collection features winding long knots which takes their creativeness from one of the eight treasures in Buddhism. This new collection includes a pendant, necklace and earrings showcasing a lustrous Akoya cultured pearls set in 18-karat rose gold with diamonds.


Due to its rarity, the four-leaf clover is traditionally known to bring the finder good luck. Capturing this lucky charm the Mikimoto Clover Collection features Japanese Akoya cultured pearl scomplemented by a four-leaf clover design in 18-karat white or yellow gold with diamonds. Priced at £850 ($1,280) upwards, the collection makes a perfect gift for loved ones, bringing both good luck and elegance to everyday life, says Mikimoto.

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