Spring/Summer 2019

Luxury Goods, Jewellery & Watches
Light as Feather

Pioneering Swiss watchmaker Rado’s new True Thinline My Bird Limited Edition collection features the unique touch of renowned Russian artist and designer Evgenia Miro.

Symbolism, tradition, opulence and colour are the hallmarks of the work of Miro. Drawing on emblems and motifs that trace their origins back through centuries of storytelling, Miro creates beautiful designs that she applies to a range of materials to create enduring pieces designed to stand the test of time.

From decorated silks to delicate china, Miro has now progressed to working on a micro scale with high-tech ceramic for the watch she has co-created with Rado. Considered the most forward-thinking design player in the watch industry, Rado worked closely with Miro as she brought her unique vision and perspective to a watch collection that is known for its slim silhouette, confident construction and the way it revolutionised traditional watchmaking on its debut in 2011.

Created in durable and scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic, the familiar monobloc case and bracelet of the True Thinline collection feature precision laser engravings of a delicate and distinctive feather pattern. Miro’s unique concept sees the bird’s feather creating a new philosophy of time with its lightness and dynamic rhythm of fine lines. The feather is also a symbol of the lightness of high-tech ceramic.

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