Spring/Summer 2019

A Royal Experience

True, you need royal taste to understand and thoroughly enjoy a Rolls-Royce. For what the artless simply seems a chassis on wheels with a few gaudy features, for the connoisseur it is a haven of luxury and comfort.

At Arabian Knight, we enjoyed royalty for a day when we were given keys to the Ghost, courtesy of Euro Motors, dealers of Rolls-Royce in Bahrain.

It was an instant feeling of privilege!

Anyone behind the wheel will see how easy it is to manage the Ghost as soon as the car moves out of the showroom. The automatic gear shifter is a classic stalk behind the wheel and something drivers of other modern-day cars will instantly miss.

The large windscreen and door windows, aided with side view and rear-view cameras, ensure everything is in sight, when taking off.

All Ghost models come with a ZF eight-speed PRNDLTronic automatic gearbox. A twin-turbocharged V12 produces 563 hp and 820 Nm torque at 1,500 rpm giving your heart enough reasons to palpitate. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kmph happens in 4.7 seconds, and top speed is limited to 250 kmph.

But swiftness shouldn’t be a concern for Ghost owners because it isn’t a sports car and never meant to be one. Rather, the enjoyment increases as the car gradually gathers speed.

Makers of the Ghost designed it smaller than the Phantom and put a lower price tag on it so it could be offered as a more practical model.

The car measures 5,457 mm in length with a wheelbase of 3,295 mm, and kerb weight of 2,435 kg. Its extended version is longer by 170 mm and naturally heavier at 2,525 kg. The Black Badge model has almost the same specs as the standard sedan except that it churns out more hp (603) and torque (840 Nm at 1,650-5,000 rpm).

The Ghost is curvy and has a modern look, and less imposing on the road than the Phantom – the flagship of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars – but, nevertheless, it is ultimately a Rolls-Royce. You will notice the difference in the grille from the big brother measured to define a distinct characteristic for the Ghost.

The well-sculptured LED lights emit grace and the Spirit of Ecstasy rise high on the bonnet assuming the role of a beacon for the driver.

The back-hinged doors are reminiscence of horse carriages of the past, making entry and exit dramatically stately.

Rolls-Royce emphasises that its models are mostly handmade and this includes the coachline, which is painted using pure craftsmanship and employing precision.



Inside, the Ghost is par excellence with the superior handiwork extending from the exterior into the interiors seamlessly. The feeling of luxury starts the moment you set foot inside on the plush tailor-made lambswool floor mats, which are so soft they feel therapeutic.

The cashmere blend and leather-covered roof transform the roof into the illusion of a star-filled night sky.

This special headlining material creates a magical ambiance using hundreds of fibre-optic lights. The brightness of the ‘stars’ can be adjusted using the controls in the passenger compartment to fashion just the right atmosphere. Front headlining panels are finished in black leather to complement the headlining.

While the exterior exudes purpose, the sweeping lines of Rolls-Royce’s interior promise absolute comfort. The work of master craftspeople is evident in every detail; a sentiment that runs true with the range of pieces designed to enhance the Rolls-Royce's interior concept.

Leatherwork on the seats is hand-stitched as is every veneer, on the dashboard to door panels, crafted by hand. The interlinked RR monogram can be embroidered into the headrests in either a colour-matched or contrasting thread.

When it comes to functions, the maker has kept the Ghost as classic as possible, away from the clutter of buttons and widgets. The dashboard bears only the essentials, while a centrally fixed rotary controller allows easy access to navigational tools, thus giving the driver all the time to enjoy every kilometre of ride.

Although classically styled, the Ghost lives very much in the modern world. Innovative tools such as Rolls-Royce Connect, which integrates with the phone, Wi-Fi hotspot, 18-speaker sound system, and optional 9.2-inch digital TV screens for passengers in the back, USB and HDMI ports, navigation features, head up display, night vision infrared camera, and an iDrive infotainment system all make the Ghost a traditional traveller in the modern era.

The Ghost costs over $300,000 in the international market and the average price for the Ghost locally is BD160,000.


– By Abdulaziz Khattak

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