Sun, Sep 23, 2018

INFINITI Q30 pushes boundaries

The iconic INFINITI Q30, a vehicle that speaks to the young urbanites of today, has pushed the boundaries of design and technology with its expressive appearance, striking road presence and intelligent technologies. 

The INFINITI Q30, offered by Arabian Automobiles Company, the flagship company of the AW Rostamani Group and the exclusive dealer for INFINITI in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, sets new benchmarks for advanced automotive technology, providing customers with advanced assist systems that make challenging parking a thing of the past, minimise the potential for collisions, and react to road conditions on their behalf to instil ultimate confidence and optimise safety.

Design that turns heads

The INFINITI Q30 offers customers a distinctive design that is crafted by the human hand and delivers a powerful and daring presence on the road. Combined with obsessive attention to detail and precision engineering, this makes driving feel like a special occasion, no matter the journey.

With its higher stance, muscular wheel arches and provocative low-slung roofline, the INFINITI Q30 transforms unexpected proportions into something fresh and dynamic. A rising and dipping shoulder line runs the entire length of the INFINITI Q30, while the deep, sharp curves on the doors are dramatic and supported by the engineer's design of a new type of 3D manufacturing process to produce them. Inspired by the human eye, the trademark INFINITI light shape can be seen from both the front and side and is echoed in the tail lamps for a definitive character from every angle. The result is a vehicle that looks like nothing else on the streets, allowing drivers to stand out from the pack and assert their personality.

Technology that supports an active lifestyle

Whether the roads are clear, chaotic or constantly changing, the INFINITI Q30’s intelligent technologies help to guide drivers effortlessly through the action. The vehicle’s Intelligent Park Assist uses 12 sensors to determine whether parking spaces are large enough, meaning that drivers can make rapid parking decisions at the touch of a button. The INFINITI Q30 can also park itself safely in parallel or reversing-in parking spots, making parking easier than ever before.

The INFINITI Q30 also gives drivers eyes around the vehicle with its Moving Object Detection system, which has four cameras that not only give drivers an unprecedented view but also keep watch for maximum security and confidence. An audible alert is given when stationary or moving objects are detected behind or close by, and the appropriate camera is highlighted to show drivers which side of the car requires their attention.

Adding on to the technological features, INFINITI’s Lane Departure Warning monitors lane markings, warning drivers visually, audibly and physically — the steering wheel will vibrate — so that they may correct their lines before they leave their lane.

To discover the ultimate combination of design prowess and advanced technology, customers can book test drives at INFINITI Centres across Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates, where they can get behind the wheel of the INFINITI Q30 and experience its life-changing capabilities at first hand, Arabian Automobiles Company said. 

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