Tue, Jan 23, 2018

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A C-suite exclusive in Dubai

The private world of exclusive networking events for the region’s C-suite elite steps out of the shadows tomorrow (January 24), with the new year’s first edition of the Emirates World Club ‘Business Series 2018’ taking place at the Steigenberger Hotel in Dubai’s Business Bay.

Attracting corporate presidents, CEOs, general managers, managing directors and other senior executives from across the Middle East, the networking event provides a relaxed platform for the heads of industries such as oil and gas, rail, aviation, technology, investment, hospitality and other sectors to simply get to know each other and find common ground.

Romika Fazeli, founder of Emirates World Club, said: “The old adage goes that it’s lonely at the top and actually, this is a truism. Only other C-suite executives can truly understand the challenges that come with having ultimate responsibility for our large corporates. There is a general perception that CEOs, for example, simply delegate to others and then play golf all day, but the reality is that their position is exceptionally tough and only really relatable to their CEO peers.” Fazeli says that this is one of the reasons that her networking events are popular with the region’s C-suite, along with the ease of collaboration opportunities, and private nature of the gatherings at luxurious hotel locations across the UAE and beyond.

How do Private Members’ Clubs work?

The top echelon of business leaders in the Middle East whose memberships are approved by private society clubs such as Emirates World Club, are generally “highly protected” revealed Fazeli, saying: “the very last thing CEOs want is for someone to come in and give them a sales pitch for products or services when they are within their social circle. We protect our members from such intrusion, as they come to network with their peers, explore their business commonalities, and compare strategies and socialise with each other. The fact the setting is comfortable and luxurious is conducive to achieving this.”

Membership applications to private society clubs must typically be approved by the advisory board, after which members can freely attend a number of dedicated networking events throughout the year, gain access to the other CEO and C-suite movers and shakers that determine the corporate landscape of the region. Members also enjoy additional perks, such as preferential terms for resorts, hotels and concierge services.

As the largest such private CEO club in the Middle East, Emirates World Club currently enjoys a membership of 6,000 of the region’s most influential decision-makers.

Mirroring the growth of its own corporate members, this year will see the private club expanding more globally to connect the Middle East with senior executives in the US, Asia, Europe, Russia. The new intake of membership applications is now open to C-suite corporate executives.

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