Mon, Sep 18, 2017

Lamborghini tells St Petersburg its story

Sports car enthusiasts visiting St Petersburg should check out a Lamborghini exhibition currently under way in one of the Russian city’s famous museums.

Titled ‘Lamborghini. Design Legend’, the exhibition at the Erarta Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art tells the story behind the design tradition of the House of the Raging Bull, from its founding to the present day. 

Visitors will be able to view some of the most iconic models from the Italian brand’s history, displayed alongside paintings created by the Lamborghini Centro Stile, immersing themselves in a journey through an evolution of forms and styles that were not only ahead of their time, but also set a new standard for the automotive world. 

Lamborghini design is a highly innovative language, which flowed from the pen and the creative genius of great masters of design such as Marcello Gandini. 

Stefano Domenicali, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, says: “We are truly pleased to have received this invitation from the Erarta Museum. An exhibition dedicated to our design confirms the extraordinary contemporary nature and revolutionary scope of Lamborghini's stylistic language. We wish Erarta much success for this exhibition, reflecting the success our vehicles are enjoying in the world. We are glad that a noble and beautiful city such as St. Petersburg, imbued with an Italian flavour thanks to Palladio, can serve as the backdrop for it.” 

Erarta’s Director of Communications Ekaterina Atoyan-Milyukova says: “Lamborghini's design evolution and technological innovations have become not only a part of the history of the automotive world, but a part of the history of art itself. Each Lamborghini model, with its cultural significance and authenticity, has the quality of a true work of art. The Erarta Museum is therefore pleased to welcome the prestigious Italian car company Lamborghini, whose exhibition is further proof of our ongoing commitment to exhibiting the finest examples of contemporary art.” 

The company’s history is told through five vehicles and six style models, illustrating the journey from the aristocratic elegance of its beginnings (embodied by a 400 GT with a 1965 body by Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera) to the 1966 revolution in taste and technology represented by the Miura (the first Gandini masterpiece with a body by Carrozzeria Bertone).  

A Centenario, created in 2016 by Centro Stile Lamborghini, provides the link to the Lamborghini design of today. 

The exhibition is further enriched by two large-scale canvases, one depicting the Countach and the other the Centenario. 

The exhibition also features engines, including the one that was the ten-time winner of the World Powerboat Championship, and the company’s contemporary racing activities represented by a rare Diablo GT and a Gallardo Super Trofeo. 

 The exhibition, the first held in a newly opened wing of the museum, runs until December 17.

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