Thu, Jul 6, 2017

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KFH–Bahrain's Wealth service does well

After more than a year since its inauguration, KFH-Bahrain’s Wealth Management Department has witnessed consistent growth and a surging customer appetite for its innovative wealth management solutions and services, which is considered the best regionally.

This new achievement comes in line with the steady growth and development witnessed by the department since it was launched last year, which culminated with the CPI Award at Middle East Wealth Management 2016 in Dubai.

Abdul Razak Jawahery, Executive Manager at KFH-Bahrain and Head of the Wealth Management Department explains: “Since we launched our Wealth Management Department over a year ago, we have been very successful in benefitting our clients by fulfilling their objectives. We have developed a suite of products and services which are flexible and suit their individual investment needs.”

“We are the first Islamic Bank in Bahrain to have a dedicated Wealth Management team of highly experienced professionals who are able to advise and meet the individual demands and financial goals of our client base,” he adds.

“Throughout 2016 and until today, our expert Wealth Management team managed to capitalise on the regional opportunities and shifts in capital markets as well as devised niche strategies to manage our clients’ wealth and to provide them with lucrative returns. We are also proud to announce that our Wealth Management strategies have generated very fruitful results in the regional Equity Stock Market and are in line with the clients’ investment expectations,” concluded Jawahery.

KFH-Bahrain provides a full range of wealth management solutions inclusive of Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Mudharaba Unrestricted Accounts, Wakala Accounts, International Murabaha Accounts, Equity and Sukuk that are flexible, diverse and can complement the varying customer requirements and meet their end objectives.

KFH-Bahrain remains dedicated to growing the wealth of its clients and opening up the door to new investment opportunities to support their financial objectives.

KFH-Bahrain is also committed to pioneering the growth and development of the local Islamic Finance sector with specialised products and services such as those provided through its Islamic Wealth Management Department.

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