Wed, Jul 5, 2017

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Samer Halimeh to launch summer boutiques on superyachts

International diamond brand Samer Halimeh New York (NY) has partnered with SSH Maritime to launch a series of summer boutiques on superyachts represented by the company. 

With its HQ on Fifth Avenue in New York, US and global flagship store in London’s Knightsbridge, Samer Halimeh New York creates some of the world’s most beautiful and coveted diamond and precious gem jewellery, worn by famous names including Hollywood red-carpet A-listers and members of various Royal families. Established in 1999 in the US, Samer Halimeh NY specialises in coloured and rare diamonds such as pink, blue and yellow, ranging from D Flawless to GH VS stones.

Samer Halimeh New York deals exclusively in GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Certified Diamonds sourced directly from local mines in South Africa, with pieces cut and handcrafted in New York. Samer Halimeh New York provides clients with finished jewellery; bespoke pieces that take up to four to six weeks to make; refashioned heirloom pieces made into new settings; and rare diamonds purchased by discerning collectors.

Established in 2008, SSH Maritime delivers the full spectrum of services to the luxury yachting market and has been responsible for over 25 prestigious new construction and refit projects on yachts from 30 to 86 metres in size. The company’s exclusive superyacht charter fleet includes the Chakra, the O’Mega, Grand Ocean, Serenity and Alfa Nero.

To announce the launch of the summer superyacht boutiques, Samer Halimeh New York held a special diamond photoshoot and showcase of some of its best diamond jewellery pieces and important gemstones aboard the world-famous Chakra, a 282 ft/86m superyacht, moored in Cannes for the occasion.

Samer Halimeh, Founder and Chief Executive of Samer Halimeh New York says: “Samer Halimeh New York is delighted to announce the launch of the summer superyacht diamond boutiques on board the Chakra, the exclusive SSH Maritime superyacht. Owners of the world’s most beautiful diamonds also use superyachts, private jets and 5-star hotels, which is why this collaboration with SSH Maritime is highly complementary for both brands and clients.”

The new jewellery retailing concept be introduced on SSH Maritime superyachts creating a “Bond Street on sea” for super-rich. Samer Halimeh NY has previously built 400 sq ft (39 sq m) pop-up shops in hotels, but this is the first time the retailer has introduced a retailing concept in a nautical setting creating a diamond showcase on superyachts.

The jewellery-superyacht collaborations is being undertaken on four of the SSH Maritime super yachts – Chakra, Serenity, Grand Ocean and Omega. Millionaire and billionaire clients typically charter one of these beautiful superyachts for 2-6 weeks over the summer, at an average cost of £400,000 per week.

Superyacht charter clients will be approached and asked if they would like a diamond showcase on their yacht. If the client decides they would like a diamonds showcase on their yacht then a VIP brochure containing photographs and details of the Samer Halimeh NY diamond jewellery and diamond portfolio will be sent to them in advance of their voyage on their chosen superyacht.

Clients can then choose exactly what they want showcased on their superyacht. Then, whilst they are on their yacht the hosts and their guests can wear and enjoy the diamond jewellery and diamonds for both private and public events whilst they are both on their superyacht or whilst they are at a superyacht mooring during the voyage. Security is provided by the yacht safes and the diamond showcase is under the supervision of the captain, staff and security on the yachts.

After the superyacht cruise is finished, the client will be asked if they or their guests liked any of the diamonds they used or saw whilst they were on the voyage. If they do then - and only then - will they be asked to pay for their selection when they return home to their country of origin/domicile. Clients will need to spend a minimum of $1 million or more to be eligible for 2-3 extra free days whilst on their superyacht.

To celebrate the announcement, Samer Halimeh New York and SSH Maritime, held a VVIP party on board the Chakra, attended by over 500 people, among them Royals, celebrities, tycoons and Cannes gliteratti.

The innovative “superyacht boutique” initiative marks an eventful year for Samer Halimeh New York. In early 2017 Samer Halimeh NY launched its new global flagship store in London and this month opened a pop-up diamond boutique for the summer season in the world famous Intercontinental Carlton Cannes Hotel.

The new 3,000 sq ft (279 sq m) Samer Halimeh New York global flagship store at 161 Knightsbridge in London, showcases the brand’s spectacular diamond jewellery collection over ground and first floor, and will remain open until late in the evening all days of the week during the summer season in order to best suit the needs of its discerning clients. For a limited time, the brand will also offer a few free days on any of the SSH Maritime charter yachts to clients spending over a certain amount in the brand’s diamonds.

The Cannes boutique is open in the Carlton Hotel’s lobby until the September 30, 2017. The 400 sq ft (39 sq m) Cannes boutique will showcase a series of major diamond pieces, along with items from the brand’s fashion line. In safes there will also be spectacular VIP bespoke pieces, which are available for viewing exclusively by prior appointment.

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