Tue, Nov 11, 2014

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Louis Vuitton gets a little more personal

Gentleman travellers partial towards Louis Vuitton will be pleased to know that the manufacturer has extended its personalised monogram service to its range of soft bags and small leather goods.

Personalisation has been intrinsically linked to the story of Louis Vuitton since the brand’s inception in 1854. From marking its trunks back in the day with initials, crests, coats of arms and stripes to the current Mon Monogram offering launched in 2008, placing one’s own unique stamp on a bag has been a key element in Louis Vuitton’s heritage.

Now, through the use of some clever technology, the stripes and initials can be applied to soft pieces, from bags to small leather goods, while trunks and other hard pieces continue to be painted by hand.

The new Mon Damier Graphite range is now available through 70 LV outlets worldwide including stores across the Gulf.

Damier Graphite, Louis Vuitton’s signature gray check canvas for men, appeals particularly to those who are looking for their own elegant, distinctive and subtle base for signature style.

Five new shades have been added to the personalisation range to create possibilities for elegant tandems mixing dark and light colours.

While Louis Vuitton’s established a palette of bright ranges is part of its 19th century heritage, the Mon Damier Graphite colours are muted for a more personal and masculine approach to initialisation.

Mon Damier Graphite is available with initials on the centre (over the stripes), or in a new configuration on the side. Both initials and stripes can also be used on their own. And all personalisation colors are available in linings to initialise one’s bag inside and out.

Pieces available in Mon Damier Graphite include the soft-sided city PDV and iconic Keepall bag in 55 and 45; Zephyr rolling luggage in the 55 and 70 sizes; and small leather goods (PF Brazza and PF Multiple, passport cover, Zippy organiser and pocket organiser).

Mon Damier Graphite is for an elegant, fashionable and mature man who enjoys personalised style without ostentation, Louis Vuitton concludes.

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