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Kross Studio unveils new timepiece created for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

Independent Swiss watch manufacturer Kross Studio has revealed a new, exclusive creation, the KS 05 Titanium Moss Agate, created exclusively for its long-standing partner in the UAE, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons.

The latest chapter in Kross Studio's continuing story of high-end timepieces with hard stone dials, this watch features a 45mm brushed titanium case housing a fascinating moss agate dial alongside the manufacture's iconic movement, the central floating tourbillon.

A manual winding mechanical movement, the KS 7’005 is composed of 220 components including 27 jewels, and its intricate construction provides exceptional performance. Its main functions, including winding, energy accumulation, regulation, and display, are coaxial and placed on the central axis.

The barrel features a larger diameter than that of the plate’s radius and delivers a power reserve of 120 hours with exceptional chronometric performance. Its components are staggered at various levels, with the balance wheel overlooking the barrel and the tourbillon over its fixed seconds wheel, which in turn, are elevated above the movement and hands.

A remarkable patented technical innovation, Kross Studio's central floating tourbillon offers a unique perspective on its complex mechanics. The KS 7’005 movement’s innovation also lies in its peripheral hour display mechanism, achieved by a planetary gear system mounted on two ball bearings designed to free the tourbillon from any obstruction.

45mm Titanium Case

The KS 05 case is crafted of grade 5 titanium, a biocompatible material that surpasses stainless steel in terms of strength and durability, underscoring Kross Studio's commitment to using the most advanced materials in the industry. Its circular satin finish lends this timepiece an elegant, modern aesthetic, while providing a pleasant tactile sensation. Devoid of lugs, angles, or even a crown, the case presents a sleek profile that offers an ergonomic wearing experience. A push-button for setting the time is integrated at 3 o'clock. Ingeniously integrated into the case back and seamlessly interacting with the movement, a D-ring creates an easy, efficient winding and time adjustment experience. Furthermore, an interchangeable strap system is integrated into the case, allowing the wearer to change the strap with a simple click. The KS 05 watches come with two straps, enabling the wearer to personalize their timepiece according to their preferences.

The Sapphire Crystal

The KS 05 watch’s domed, oversized sapphire crystal invites admiration of the movement's complexity from every angle. The crystal has received full technical attention: an anti-reflective coating has been applied to both its outer and inner surfaces and anti-UV and anti-static treatments have been applied inside the crystal, making it nearly invisible.

The distinctive dial of the KS 05 Titanium Moss Agate commands attention, composed of two distinct parts. The design and position of the outer dial, commonly referred to as the flange, offers a smooth aesthetic transition from the case to the movement, drawing attention to its revolutionary central floating tourbillon. Circular satin-brushed and finished in black PVD, it features an engraved railway track filled with white lacquer. The indexes are rhodium-plated, satin-finished, and filled with white Super-LumiNova.

The inner dial, made of moss agate, plays with transparency. Designed with an opening at 9 o’clock, it is fixed on the movement’s plate. It allows a glimpse of the fascinating mechanism of the movement and its traditional watchmaking finishes, visible between the filaments embedded in the stone.

Moss Agate

Moss agate forms from mineral deposits within the cavities of volcanic rocks, acquiring its distinctive appearance from the mossy looking filaments or dendrites inside. As a specific variety of agate, moss agate’s transparency varies depending on the density of the mineral deposits it contains, making each stone unique.

The KS 05 Collection

This new KS 05 Moss Agate variation joins Kross Studio’s other mineral dial timepiece variations, including blue aventurine, turquoise, and meteorite, complemented by a range of case options crafted in 18-karat red gold or grade 5 titanium -- with or without diamond accents.

Each of these previous Kross Studio KS 05 series were produced only in a limited series of 10 pieces, or as a unique piece to meet the demands of discerning collectors. Each watch in the collection is equipped with the central floating tourbillon, Kross Studio's signature movement. This remarkable contemporary horological complication perfectly combines form and function, as in every innovative piece conceived by Kross Studio since the independent watchmaking manufacture’s founding in 2020.

The KS 05 Titanium Moss Agate watch is a unique piece, available exclusively at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons in the UAE (priced CHF98,000 - $108,479).

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