Autumn 2023

Luxury Goods, Jewellery & Watches
Bulgari’s New Creations

Bulgari once again showcased its creative heritage and innovative prowess at the Geneva Watch Days 2023 (GWD) by unveiling six captivating new creations.

The Octo Finissimo collection, celebrated for its groundbreaking achievements with eight world records since 2014, continues to push boundaries by exploring new materials. In addition to titanium, platinum, rose and yellow gold, ceramic, and tantalum, the collection now embraces the unique combination of carbon and gold.

Octo Finissimo, marked by eight world records since 2014, continues with two automatic models (the record set in 2017) and the Octo Finissimo Perpetual Calendar (the record set in 2021) and is now clad in the anthracite hues of high-tech carbon, contrasted with the luminous brilliance of gold.

Bulgari’s Piccolissimo BVL 100 round miniature mechanical movement, renowned as the smallest in the market, adds an air of mystique to mechanical timekeeping in the realm of high jewellery, staying true to the tradition of secret jewellery watches. Among the latest additions are two remarkable models: the Serpenti Misteriosi in white gold, adorned with over 33 carats of dazzling diamonds, and the Serpenti Misteriosi in rose gold, featuring black lacquer and navette-cut diamonds, both exemplifying elegance and innovation.

The Monete Catene Dual Time wristwatch pays homage to the legendary imperial couple, Emperor Septimus Severus and Empress Julia Domna, revered as a goddess in their time. This watch showcases two ancient coins, evoking the grandeur of Ancient Rome and Greece.

Notably, one of the coins is a denarius featuring the formidable Emperor Caracalla. Crafted from gold and adorned with diamonds, the Monete Catene is a testament to sophistication and aesthetic mastery, preserving the exceptional treasures of antiquity for contemporary admirers.  

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