Sun, May 28, 2023

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Vacheron Constantin novelties revealed in Abu Dhabi

Vacheron Constantin, the luxury Swiss watchmaking maison with nearly 270 years of expertise and continuous history, unveiled its latest collections in Abu Dhabi last week.

This followed its reveal at the recent Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023.

The Abu Dhabi launch took place at Zayed Heritage Center in the Majlis Nahr Al Hayat, one of the most important cultural destinations of the capital. Watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts experienced a unique and interactive journey that took them through the maison’s heritage, craftsmanship and technical excellence.

“Vacheron Constantin is excited to unveil its 2023 novelties in the vibrant capital city of Abu Dhabi. Embracing the union of timeless traditions and visionary craftsmanship, we aim to take our valued guests on a captivating journey. Each tick of our timepieces resonates with the fascinating blend of heritage and innovation that provides the United Arab Emirates," said Christophe Ramel, Managing Director of Vacheron Constantin Middle East, India and Africa.

The exhibition design took inspiration from this year’s theme, "LESS'ENTIAL" which brings beautifully balanced shapes and pure design together to the service of elegance and technical sophistication.

The showcase commenced with the celebration of the maison’s rich history and heritage of nearly 270 years. The first area offered a glimpse at Vacheron Constantin’s private museum all the way back to 1825. It gave an opportunity for guests to discover some of the very first timepieces created by the maison, stunning models for ladies, and some exceptional timepieces produced exclusively for Middle Eastern clients.

An interactive platform was also available to further educate watch enthusiasts about the maison’s history.

The journey continued with the discovery of the Watches and Wonders 2023 novelties. Guests had the unique opportunity to take a close look at the latest timepieces launched in Geneva and brought for the first time in the Middle East.

A notable feature shared by several of these novelties is the retrograde function display, which is prominently featured in the Overseas, Patrimony, and Traditionnelle collections. The aesthetic signature of the retrograde, which dates back to the early 20th century, epitomises the maison’s consummate mastery of design.

Another highlight of this year is the new releases of the Overseas collection redesigned in 34.5 and 35mm. Four elegant timepieces, adorned with robustness, attention to detail and aesthetics adapt to every circumstances.

In addition to the novelties, the maison is also brrought its master line timepieces from the Overseas, Traditionnelle, Patrimony, Historiques, and Égérie collections for the first time to Abu Dhabi.

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