Sun, Apr 30, 2023

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Join ocean conservation at Ozen Life Maadhoo

Oceans play a major role in shaping our future and mitigating the impact of climate change and guests at Ozen Life Maadhoo, Maldives, have the spectacular opportunity to forge that future by participating in the resort’s marine life and coral conservation initiatives in a safe and sustainable way, guided by renowned marine biologist Nuria Camps Suarez.

The activities that guests can experience at Ozen Life Maadhoo include something for everyone – such as an interactive coral conversation with Suarez, coral reef activities for children at the dedicated Kids Club, and guided snorkeling to the property’s coral frames to learn more about its coral conservation efforts.

One of the ways in which Ozen Life Maadhoo is enhancing these efforts is through its collaboration with Parley, an organisation that works to protect the marine environment from plastic pollution and other threats. Parley’s collaboration with Ozen Life Maadhoo aims at help accelerate the resort’s marine conservation projects with simple steps, increased education and teamwork.

“The ocean is vital to the survival of humanity, and marine conservation and awareness are crucial for its protection. There is no better place to initiate such action than the Ozen Life Maadhoo, with its breathtaking views and diverse marine life,” said Suarez, who oversees the resort’s ambitious coral reef restoration projects.

“We currently have three spots with different coral nursery structures where we are focusing our coral conservation efforts, and the aim is to plant as many fragments as we can. Enabling guests to participate in and learn more about these conservation activities is an exhilarating experience that sets a benchmark for eco-tourism in the Maldives,” she said.

The first coral conservation area is a spot that guests of the property’s water villas can easily swim to and comprises six metal frames and bottle nurseries. The second spot called the Coral Garden, is made of 18 metal frames – with the final frames added during a special International Women’s Day event earlier this year, where hotel guests created a coral frame of the iconic symbol of femininity out of old staff bicycle wheels and other recycled materials. The third coral conservation location is being developed around the resort’s iconic M6M underwater restaurant, which guests will be able to view during mealtimes.

Every Tuesday, Suarez also hosts an interactive coral talk for guests at the resort, explaining how their simple actions can help preserve the reefs. A similar talk with animated videos and a coral-building simulation takes place for children at the Kids Club.

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