Winter 2023

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Let Your Genes Talk

The Chenot Palace Weggis resort houses the Chenot Molecular Lab, created for a specific purpose: to monitor and measure gene activation, behaviour, and expression to pre-screen for disease and illness that may arise in later life.

By performing gene expression analysis for certain genes, they evaluate gene activity on a personal level and obtain an accurate picture of gene activity that reveals our epigenetic profile – the barometer of our future health.

In essence, the results dictate if something works well for us or can be the root cause of oncoming issues years before onset, so that one may prevent it from happening. It creates a unique personalised picture of health at the molecular level at any given time.

The Chenot Molecular Lab for Optimal Living is a ground-breaking mRNA-based test and analysis that reveals an individual’s epigenetic profile to achieve optimal wellbeing and minimises the effects of ageing.

This is followed by a lifestyle-based treatment plan implemented to build resilience and maintain well-being.

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