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Chenot Brings Cheer

Guests looking to embark on a self-improvement journey can reset their lives after a visit to Chenot Palace Weggis, build positive habits, set realistic goals and march along the path of wellbeing, writes Rashi Sen

Leagues apart from the clutter of wellness-promising resorts that seem to be popping up around the world, Chenot Palace Weggis is a health-wellness retreat based on holistic medicine and cutting-edge science.

An hour by road from Zurich Airport, and perched on the mild shores of Lake Lucerne, is this exclusive address, a fashionable enclave for the who’s who and a springboard to humbly reset your life, all rolled into one.

Chenot’s highly coveted wellness programmes are curated around its signature Chenot Method, administered by a team of specialised medical and hospitality professionals. Guests at Chenot Palace Weggis must choose between three results-oriented wellness programmes, each a veritable gateway to achieve one’s peak potential.

The retreat includes a world-class metabolic and sports laboratory, a whole-body cryo chamber at -110°C, antigravity technologies, an altitude chamber, an ultra-modern fitness area, a 21-metre indoor swimming pool and 97 stylish modern rooms and suites offering views of the Swiss Alps or the serene Lake Lucerne.

Chenot Palace Weggis has launched the Chenot Molecular Lab for Optimal Living, a revolutionary new approach designed to combat pre-mature ageing at the molecular level. The blood test utilises ground-breaking epigenetic technology to analyse gene activity, determine biological ageing status and prescribe a personalised treatment plan to optimise well-being and health.

All three programmes available – Advanced Detox, Recover and Energise and Prevention and Ageing Well – are designed on the protocols of Chenot Method, a practical framework for promoting health, resetting – or even reversing – biological age and extending health span.


The plans are based on four key pillars: hydrotherapy, which improves blood and lymphatic circulation; energetic treatments, including components of traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture; massage, which aims to clear the energy flow in the meridians and re-energise the body; and the Chenot Diet, a plant-based, fasting-mimicking, calorie-restricted, nutrient-dense diet.

At Chenot Palace Weggis, haute gastronomy meets cutting-edge science in the Chenot Diet. This food-based intervention promotes cell rejuvenation and resistance to disease and is based on 50-plus years of ongoing research.

The Chenot Diet consists of three appetising, multi-sensory, reduced-calorie and plant-based meals a day, each precisely formulated to combine good fats, low glycaemic index carbohydrates and limited amounts of plant proteins. This composition of food triggers the body’s fasting response whilst providing ample nourishment to the cells, stimulating the senses, and avoiding the unpleasant side effects and risks posed by strict, prolonged fasts.

This eating plan will activate important ancestral survival genes and molecular pathways that will inhibit cell proliferation and division, instead intensifying cell protection and defence mechanisms. Moving from growth to detox mode, your cells will then recycle and remove unwanted metabolic waste and will rapidly repair, energise and rejuvenate.

Dr George Gaitanos, Chief Operating and Scientific Officer, Chenot Group, explains the advantages of fasting on our body: “A major benefit of fasting is an improvement in insulin sensitivity, which is a key predictor of future cardiovascular disease risk. Fasting also upregulates autophagy, a process involving the degradation and recycling of cellular material. This can help to reduce levels of inflammation and oxidative stress, that can lead to several chronic diseases in the long run.”


The majestic 20,000-sq-m wellness retreat offers sweeping Alpine lake views and glimpses of Mt Rigi and Mt Pilatus. Perched on Lake Zurich, the property houses a beautifully refurbished Belle Epoque building from 1875, with a much larger modern new building (made of wood) and a secluded private beach.

The consultation, diagnostics and treatment rooms are all located on the ground level of the modern building – this includes the medical, human performance, hydrotherapy, aesthetic, medical aesthetic and sports and fitness departments, a mega spa designed over a floor area of 5,000 square metres.

The Belle Epoque building with direct and unhindered views of Lake Lucerne is home to an ornate library, a Tea Lounge that serves Chenot’s range of efficient and delicious cold and hot teas, the conference room where inhouse experts share riveting talks twice a week for all to join. Most importantly, this is where the food is served. Depending on the weather, meals are served in a grand salon with lake views or outside on a large terrace by the lake.

The facilities include 97 rooms and suites of different configurations, a 21-metre indoor pool, steam and sauna chambers, a cosy zen garden and a gym of Olympic standards. The private beach has paddleboarding and lounges for sunworshippers. E-bikes are available to explore the quaint lakeside town of Weggis.

It is not uncommon for people to completely reset their lives after a visit to Chenot, build positive habits, set realistic goals and march along the path of wellbeing.

For those on a journey to self-improvement or looking to embark on such a journey, Chenot Palace Weggis will aid you along your path or jumpstart your batteries for you.

No two treatments are the same and this is because The Chenot Method thrives on personalisation. Between the nutritionist, the medical consultant, the energy practitioner and the various diagnostics and treatments, Chenot provides a life-changing experience.

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