Autumn 2022

Bold And Brilliant

The Prancing Horse’s One-Off series, the Ferrari SP51, unveiled recently, is a thoroughbred roadster based on 812 GTS architecture.

At first sight, the stunning new car’s most striking characteristic is its total absence of a roof, making it an authentic roadster in every respect, accentuating both its sporty character and ability to captivate both visually and in terms of en plein air driving exhilaration.

It joins the most exclusive group in Maranello’s range: unique, absolutely bespoke cars crafted to the specifications of a client, making them the very pinnacle of Ferrari’s customisation scope and range.

Designed by the Flavio Manzoni-headed Ferrari Styling Centre, the SP51 is a front-engined V12 spider based on the 812 GTS platform from which it inherits its layout, chassis and engine.

The SP51’s aerodynamics required meticulous honing in a process involving CFD simulations, wind tunnel and dynamic testing to guarantee not just the ultimate in comfort in the cabin, but also the same standard of acoustic comfort and wind feel as the car that inspired it, said Ferrari.

The SP51’s styling is both powerful and harmonious, thanks to its seamlessly muscular, undulating surfaces. Its forms are modern, sinuous and sensual at once, in great part as a result of the extensive use of bare carbon-fibre both on the exterior and in the cabin. The trim on the bonnet is particularly striking as it dynamically frames the two air vents. 

Another of the SP51’s most captivating features is its new Rosso Passionale three-layer paintwork – the colour was developed specifically for the car and gives it an elegant yet imposing character that also exudes authority. This impression is further enhanced by the blue and white livery inspired by a legendary 1955 Ferrari 410 S, which not only runs the length of the car, but is also referenced in the interior.

At the front, specially-designed headlights give the SP51 an instantly recognisable and forceful identity all of its own. 

The rear of the car is dominated by an arched theme with the taillights inset below the spoiler. Immediately behind the cabin are two flying buttresses that are visually softened by two deep carbon-fibre scoops. Between these two elements stretches a transverse, carbon-fibre wing, the profile of which folds over the buttresses. 

The very pinnacle of the meticulous honing process, in which the client was involved every step of the way, has to be the cabin where dizzying new heights of craftsmanship and creativity have been reached. 

The Ferrari One-Off, SP51, was designed for a longstanding Taiwan-based client who is also one of Ferrari’s leading collectors. It is a successful roadster take on Maranello’s first front-engined V12 spider in 50 years. Its bold styling captivates at first sight. However, it brilliantly retains the signature elegance of its inspiration, the 812 GTS, while pushing the boundaries by offering a whole new way of enjoying en plein air driving. 

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