Autumn 2022

Supercar Club

A new club targeting supercar enthusiasts has been established in Dubai. Its  members not only want to drive the finest supercars, but have opportunities to meet and network with contemporaries who value true automotive luxury and excellence, says Ryan Trutch, Managing Director of Pole Position Group, in an interview with Sree Bhat

Supercar owners seeking an exclusive combination of driving and lifestyle experiences in the UAE now have a new option which gives an extra dimension to the supercar club concept.

Dubai-based Pole Position Group has designed a custom-made automotive and motorsports destination for members to enjoy from 2023. Its P1 Supercar Life is aimed at the most selective supercar enthusiast who wants a higher level of exclusivity and comfort in the company of like-minded individuals.

P1 Supercar Life has been established to create the pinnacle of active ownership for supercar owners. The club’s ethos is built around the art of driving, and the unique experiences that only a genuine supercar can bring to its owners. “Our members will be discerning owners of genuine supercars who are eager to discover how they were meant to be experienced,” says Ryan Trutch, Managing Director of Pole Position Group, the Middle East’s leading motorsport and automotive consultancy, in an interview with Arabian Knight.


Excerpts from the interview:

Who can become members of this exclusive club? What is the process?

The club has tightly controlled membership criteria of specific supercars, which takes into account the brand, cost, and type of car. For example, we do not include SUVs, even though there are a number of models from top brands. This is because the club is about driving and therefore is restricted to two-door sports cars. Members simply contact us and fill in a few questions about themselves. We then speak to them in person to understand their motivations and needs.


What are the experiences/ adventures the club will offer to the members?

We have a calendar of prestigious on- and off-track events, including circuit racing, organised road drives, handling tests and hill climbs, and VIP tours at luxurious locations in Europe.

Our members not only want to drive the finest supercars, but have opportunities to meet and network with contemporaries who value true automotive luxury and excellence.


Are there periodic events/activities locally and then away too?

P1 Supercar Life members receive exclusive access to a year-round series of prestigious events, beginning with four private track days at Dubai Autodrome and Abu Dhabi’s Yas Marina Circuit.

These members-only events include full VIP access to the track and lounge, as well as the added options of tutoring, video loggers and advice from professional driving instructors.

The club’s dedication to delivering driving thrills will be highlighted by a range of not-to-be-missed bespoke events, including airport runway tests and dramatic hill climbs.

The events calendar also includes seven organised road drives, and as an escape from the UAE’s summer heat, P1 Supercar Life offers members a range of VIP tours through some of Europe’s most scenic routes taking in the French and Italian Alps.

Away from the supercar track and on- road action, monthly social gatherings will give members the chance to relax and share their experiences. From next year, P1 Supercar Life members will have exclusive access to hospitality facilities at the Yas Marina Formula 1 weekend, and exclusive hospitality opportunities to the best F1 race weekends worldwide.


How are the foreign tours organised? Do you have any arrangements with similar international clubs/organsations?

We work closely as a partner with Ultimate Driving Tours, which is one of Europe’s top automotive driving events companies. The tours cover all parts of Europe’s best roads and some tie into large-scale sports events, including F1, historic racing and road rallies.


How many members do you expect to join in the first year and what is the optimal number you can cater to?

Our membership is limited to 250 members, including 35 for the prestigious Monaco membership, which gives access to an exclusive club house. It will, of course, take time to build up to our maximum membership, but we’ve already had huge interest from supercar owners, many of whom have already joined.


What are your plans for expansion in the region?

We are looking at other opportunities, both within the UAE and into the wider GCC. But, for now, we are concentrating on the emirate’s large group of supercar owners.


What is your message to a prospective member?

If you are a supercar owner and find that you only use your car to drive around the city or you are keen to meet up with individuals with a similar passion, we have the perfect solution for you. P1 Supercar Life aims to be a second family for supercar owners who truly love to drive and to enjoy the company of like-minded owners. If you really want to enjoy your vehicle we will help you to do that.


Please give us details of your other ventures too ...

During the Covid-19 lockdown, Pole Position diversified into Esports racing tournaments and sim racing, and revenues this year have increased exponentially compared with 2021.

In early 2022, the group launched a subsidiary, Immersive Esports, which will soon open a sim racing flagship and franchise opportunity across the GCC to draw gamers into motorsport.

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