Summer 2014

Private Aviation & Premium Travel
Radical redesign

SR Technics of Switzerland launched a new cabin design solution, which it said would “redefine” the art of travel, at the 2014 edition of European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (Ebace) which was held in Geneva, Switzerland, in May.

The Swiss company said it is “revolutionising” existing VIP design products on the market through the development of the innovative cabin solution for narrowbody Airbus (ACJs) and Boeing (BBJs) aircraft.

Eighteen months of research, combined with the expertise and experience of the company’s VIP team, sees the introduction of the innovative design package that transforms the way cabins are currently completed and managed.

“The aviation industry has been conservative in the modernisation of private aircraft design,” explains Eric Jan, Head of VIP Interior Design at SR Technics. “From the organisation of space through to the construction of the interior, VIP aircraft have traditionally been set up in a standard layout. We believe we have created a layout and concept that enables owners to make 100 per cent use of the usable space, 100 per cent of the time.”

The product brings together advanced smart solutions that reconsider traditional layouts to enable optimisation and flexibility of space; turning the ordinary into extraordinary. SR Technics says that with its highly competitive pricing and significant reduction in the green completion time – by up to a third compared to the industry norm – the new cabin solution offers “value that has not been seen in the industry to date”.

“It’s time to rethink narrowbody interiors as they are not suited to today’s needs. We’re therefore rewriting the rules for VIP completions,” continues Jan. “We’re considering all aspects of daily life, bringing together lifestyle, design and technology to create a modern VIP aircraft interior which breaks with traditionalism. Through the use of innovative materials and luxury finishes, we are creating a cosy ambience that enables the traveller to relax and unwind on board, arriving at their destination fully refreshed.”

As part of the design concept, the galley and kitchen areas on the aircraft become the heart of onboard life, accessible to crew and passengers. The design of the cabin offers flexibility and a comfortable, relaxed setting. Thus, the forward cabin can be used by the crew to relax, as a quiet area for working or even be converted to an office environment. To meet individual tastes the cabin design is offered in three styles: Classic, Elegant, and Modern.

As demands of the owner change, all interior aspects are freestanding, ensuring that any adaptations can be made at a lower cost, which in turn increases resale value of the aircraft.

“My job is to challenge current design thinking,” says Jan. “In this case, I believe our innovation comes from simple solutions, which reflect the high-end luxury and finish that is demanded in the VIP aircraft market, and tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs.”

Creating a dream is a shared passion that involves designers, engineers, craftsmen and project managers at SR Technics. In VIP projects, every detail counts: from the development of an individual interior design to high-end engineering elements through to handcrafted exclusive furniture. As a Swiss company, quality and punctuality are second nature to the team. “We are redefining the art of travel,” concludes Jan.

SR Technics is one of the world’s leading independent providers of technical services for the civil aviation sector. The SR Technics Group offers its customer airlines comprehensive and totally tailored solutions for the technical support and management of their aircraft fleets, engines and components. This is coupled with extensive engineering know-how, 24/7 worldwide component availability, broad technical training offerings, and VVIP completion services. With its head office at Zurich Airport, SR Technics provides its services to about 5,000 airline customers through an extensive network of international operations and sales offices in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. SR Technics is owned by Mubadala Development Company of the UAE.

Owned by the government of Abu Dhabi, Mubadala’s strategy is built on the creation of partnerships and on long-term, capital-intensive investments that deliver strong financial returns and tangible social benefits for the emirate of Abu Dhabi, and that contribute to the growth and diversification of its economy. Mubadala manages a multi-billion-dollar portfolio of local, regional and international investments and partners with leading global organisations to operate businesses across a wide range of industry sectors. These include aerospace, energy, healthcare, information communications and technology, infrastructure, real estate and hospitality, and services ventures.

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