Tue, Jul 5, 2022

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Montblanc elevates wearable Luxury

Montblanc has continued its smart watchmaking evolution with the introduction of the Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch, a new connected watch fully dedicated to Montblanc’s Luxury Business Lifestyle.

The latest iteration of the maison’s smartwatch is an expression of elevated luxury with a hand-crafted light-weight titanium watch case, configurable watch faces inspired by Montblanc’s heritage in watch making paired with hand-made calf leather and rubber straps.

The Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch is powered with the latest version of Wear OS by Google and includes a variety of apps to meet the functional needs of its owner.

“The Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch takes luxury smart watchmaking to new heights, pairing premium materials with all the functionalities our clients need as they navigate their day more seamlessly and effectively. The personalization options are also extensive as to reflect different style identities,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

The summit of personalization

While the Montblanc Summit 3 lineup includes three versions of the smartwatch – A Titanium Grey case paired with black calf and blue rubber straps, Titanium Black case paired with black calf and black rubber straps, as well as Titanium Bicolor case paired with a Montblanc Extreme 3.0 British green calf leather strap and black rubber straps - the personalisation options are extensive.

Because the watch face is the focus of its owner’s daily glances, the face design options should reflect its owner’s personality as much as the watch itself, says the watchmaker.

Montblanc’s characteristic elegance and attention to detail have been carried over into the new additions to the Montblanc watch face collection, giving the watch’s owner even more options to choose from. The collection contains watch faces inspired from Montblanc’s traditional watchmaking heritage, such as the Geosphere, Bohème or 1858 watch faces. It also includes more modern options, which combine beauty and technology by providing the user with useful insights, such as the daily progress of their health goals.

Each Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch comes with a calf leather strap for a touch of classic elegance, and a rubber strap for a more active look. Additionally, a larger variety of additional straps from the strap range of other Montblanc Summit and novel models complement the core selection.

Navigating healthy lifestyle

Those successfully navigating the everyday life while balancing the demands of work and leisure require the ability to track health and wellness goals and insights. The Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch incorporates a personal health suite on its owner’s wrist. It includes step tracking, sleep monitoring including the different sleep phases, and blood oxygen measurement. The fitness app has evolved its offering with a variety of workouts that can be tracked to maximize their impact over time.

The aesthetic versatility of The Montblanc Summit 3 smartwatch is matched by its functional versatility. Powered with Wear OS by Google, the Montblanc Summit 3 can be enhanced with the addition of all the apps necessary to meet the needs of its owner. Whether at work, at play, on the road or at home, the new watch is about delivering a tailored, life-enhancing experience to get the most out of the day. You can navigate the world with turn-by-turn navigation on your wrist with Google Maps, or use Google Pay as a fast, simple way to pay in stores while on the go. Access a world of content, anytime, anywhere — all from your smartwatch with Google Play.

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