Thu, Apr 28, 2022

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Five-star wellness resort opens in Ajman

A new first-of-its-kind five-star health and wellness retreat in the Middle East has opened in Ajman, UAE.

Al Zorah Development Company's Zoya Health and Wellness Resort at Al Zorah is designed to provide a 360-degree wellness experience.

The fully integrated wellness retreat is owned by Saudi entrepreneur Ameer Said in the emirate’s popular Al Zorah development. The 61- room resort overlooks the prime location’s stunning golf course and mangrove forest.

George Saad, CEO of Al Zorah Development Company, said: “Al Zorah stands out as a unique and distinctive lifestyle destination. The addition of Zoya Health and Wellness Resort, a first-of-its-kind five-star retreat in the Middle East, perfectly aligns with our vision for the development, and we are excited to welcome guests to the resort and Al Zorah as a whole.”

The resort offers guests a wide range of bespoke programmes to help improve their well-being and live healthier lifestyles. It also provides a range of tailored treatment programmes based on holistic and unique medical approaches to prevent chronic illnesses. Central to the facility’s offering is detoxing and therapeutic fasting, with complimentary physiotherapy, aesthetic medicine, and nutrition support.

Ameer Said stated: “People have faced numerous and varied challenges over the past few years, and Zoya was born out of a determination to address the ailments of the modern world. We wanted to create a space that fosters the connection between nature, wellness, and people’s need for a regenerative existence.”

He added: “At Zoya, we aim to be preventative rather than curative, to help our guests lead healthier lifestyles without the need for medication and assistance, and to create a special space that protects, nourishes and invigorates mind, body and soul.”

The retreat offers nine programmes, including Wellcation, Immune Support, Detox, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Weight Management, Liver Support, Rejuvenation, Get Fit and Anti-Aging, which are customised to the needs and lifestyle of guests with the guidance and expertise of medical and health professionals. The tailored programmes, which combine multiple treatments into a holistic, integrative journey, vary from three to fourteen nights with access to state-of-the-art and advanced facilities across the resort and a

selection of leisure activities.

Al Zorah occupies 5.4 million sq m of lush beachfront overlooking the Arabian Gulf and mangrove land. The lagoons and mangrove forests of Al Zorah are home to an astonishing variety of native marine and plant life, and also shelter flocks of more than 118 species of resident and migratory birds.

Carefully developed to protect its rich natural heritage, Al Zorah is designed to permit residents and visitors to enjoy its pathways through the white sandy beaches, the golf course, the marinas and the mangroves allowing residents and their guests to explore the beauties of the site.

Al Zorah is only a 25-minute drive from Dubai International Airport and 35 minutes from Dubai International Financial Centre and Dubai Mall. The development offers world-class hotel and resorts, residences, commercial space, leisure facilities, and an 18-hole golf course set within a natural preserved environment of sandy areas and mangroves.

Zoya Health and Wellness Resort is operated by German spa consultancy and management company Premedion, renowned for managing high-end spas and health centres in various countries, including Egypt, Oman, China and Qatar.

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