Mon, Sep 20, 2021

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Trafalgar Luxury Group backs Kuwaiti talent

Trafalgar Luxury Group has launched a new initiative titled “It’s Kuwaiti” supporting local talent in Kuwait involved in the art of jewellery-making.

The group has announced a collaboration with homegrown brands as it continues to diversify its vast array of concepts to now include emerging Kuwaiti jewellery designers.

The company embraces the decision to support small local businesses, offering them a plat-form to showcase their creations, to demonstrate craftsmanship, and the opportunity to share their story.

Devoted to the community and its future, the Trafalgar Luxury Group is aiming to make a difference through the undertaking of the project – aiding locally owned brands to highlight their designs, encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to better their craft and supporting them to further grow their business, the company said.

Kuwaiti jewellery brands such as The Carats, Thhaba, and Intisars embody the values as well as represent the dreams and ambitions of fellow community members – and as small busi-nesses are an integral part of the industry, considered to be at the heart of handmade craftsmanship and jewellery artistry. The Carats, Thhaba, and Intisars are available across various Trafalgar concepts in Kuwait.

“We believe in supporting local talent – present in abundance in Kuwait. We are proud to partner with Kuwaiti brands & the creators of exceptional jewelry pieces, and to help grow our artistic community,” said Amer Al Ansari, Managing Partner of Trafalgar Luxury Group.

THE CARATS: Inspired by the beauty of flowers and the mesmerising colours of mother nature, homegrown Kuwaiti brand The Carats entered the world of luxury and jewellery with contemporary designs and floral motifs that continue to charm.

Designed in 18k gold, and created to represent femininity, the brand’s designs are centred around curves, layers, petals and the enchanting colours of flowers. The Carats showcases its designs with two main collections displaying high craftsmanship and subtle elegance for everyday contemporary jewellery.

THHABA JEWELRY: Established in Kuwait in 2011, the fine jewellery brand Thhaba was founded by Abrar Alebrahim, an architect and artist. With inspirations from architecture, literature, nature and travel, Thhaba is a celebration of a journey of discovery and exploration in the world of natural gems and precious metals.

Produced in limited quantities, the designs are a tribute to unique gemstones and uncommon diamond shapes and cuts to represent the strong, the bold, and the adventurous. Thhaba also finds joy in bespoke designs, one-of-a-kind creations for clients, reflecting their unique per-sonalities, and expressing their individuality. In every piece of jewellery, the design process is celebrated, and the story is told.

INTISARS: Love is the motive, the reason and the inspiration of Intisars -- an exquisite jewellery brand founded by Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah as she believes that jewellery is not just for adornment. They are meant to be your wings and your armour. Based on the findings of Dr Masaru Emoto who proved that positive words have a definitive positive effect on us. Intisars jewellery uses this power of words to empower the wearer with self-love and positivity.

Crafted by the finest in Italy, as an incredible combination of powerful words in Arabic calligraphy, ethically sourced diamonds, and vibrant enamels on 18K gold. Every stone embedded, the moldings of gold signify love, the kind of love that is not said but felt and experienced.

Established in 1972, the Trafalgar Luxury Group is a premier luxury retailer in the Middle East. The group’s success can be attributed to its strategic partnerships with leading international brands including Chopard, Patek Phillipe, Harry Winston, Tag Heuer, Dior, and Gucci among others. With prime locations throughout the region, its concepts and boutiques are individually designed to highlight the extraordinary craftsmanship of each brand and product and to create a memorable customer experience.

In 2018, the Kuwait born family-built group entered a strategic partnership spearheading its plans for regional expansion while steadily growing its luxury sector portfolio to represent exclusive watch and jewellery brands, fashion brands, and electronics with its recent Apple Premium Reseller concept.

Today, the group operates across the GCC in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar, and is well geared to meet future challenges with a portfolio of concepts and boutiques spread throughout the region, over 500 team members, and an unmatched reputation for professional ethics.

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