Mon, Oct 20, 2014

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$100,000 chair sits like a glove!

The 2014 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show, which was held in September at Port Hercules in Monaco, not only had a breathtaking array of superyachts but some objects of desire including an exquisitely designed ‘Silhouette’ chair from master British craftsman David Linley.

The price? A mere snip at just under $100,000.

Organic and functional, the Silhouette chair is strikingly crafted from a single copper panel, which has been individually rolled and hammered.

“This age-old technique, used by coachbuilders in the restoration and customisation of classic cars, enables the craftsman to form compound curves from a flat sheet,” explains a spokesman for the company. “This highly skilled and labour intensive production method ensures a flowing and ergonomic silhouette that fits seamlessly with the form of the human body.

“The engineered sheet of copper is then clad on one face with neoprene and finished with a luxuriously soft aniline leather, which is seamlessly wrapped around the rolled copper edge ensuring that the fluid lines of the chair’s silhouette continue.

“The front lefts of the hand-shaped walnut frame flow up into the arms of the chair before sweeping around the back of the copper panel. Meanwhile subtle engineered fixings allow the copper panel to visually hover over the frame.

“The result is an exquisite piece of furniture; functional in its form and elegant in design.”

Reminiscent of renowned Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner, Linley has stripped the traditional chair of its outer style and allowed its pure construction to shine. Combining age-old techniques with innovative materials, the Silhouette Chair exudes sophistication and comfort, he points out, adding that commissions begin at £60,000 ($95,660).

Founded by David Linley in 1985, Linley creates luxury furniture, interiors, gifts and accessories showcasing the finest British design and craftsmanship.

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