Tue, Nov 10, 2015

‘Tiger’ Rolls-Royce wows Dubai

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars will unveil a one-off special commission - the Bespoke Tiger Phantom Coupé - at the 2015 Dubai International Motor Show which opens today.

The car showcases the breadth of the UK manufacturer’s unparalleled bespoke programme.

It was conceptualised by brand experts at AGMC, the sole dealers of Rolls-Royce in Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates of the UAE, and developed over a two-year period by craftspeople at the home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England.

The bespoke car draws its inspiration both visually and spiritually from its animal namesake, conveying its power, grace and ferociousness in an iconic automotive form. 

This one-of-a-kind edition features an eye-catching two-tone Burnt Orange and Arizona Sun exterior, reminiscent of the auburn-toned fur of this magnificent creature, highlighted with a Tiger motif twin coachline.

Sleek and poised with a commanding, powerful presence, the Tiger Phantom Coupé features a striking interior of tan and seashell leather with hand-stitched embroidered Tiger motif headrests, moccasin lambswool floor mats, maccasser ebony veneers and bespoke Tiger Phantom Coupé treadplates, reinforcing its one of one exclusivity. 

Mamdouh Khairallah, General Manager of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars AGMC, says: “Dubai is a city of inspiration so it is only fitting that a car like this makes its debut here. We took our inspiration from the majestic ferocity and unrivalled presence of the Tiger to create a truly extraordinary motor car. This really was a labour of love by AGMC and the Bespoke team in Goodwood, working together to infuse this theme into every element of the car, to showcase Rolls-Royce’s unmatched scope for personalisation. Which other brand allows its customers to take their inspiration from the world around them to create their own automotive masterpiece?”

The one-off car will be on show at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars stand at the Dubai International Motor Show at Dubai World Trade Centre from today until November 14.

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