Tue, Jun 20, 2017

Mulgari unveils Signature Vehicle series

Mulgari Automotive of the UK, a specialist design, styling and tuning house, has launched a bespoke vehicle ownership programme in which it will provide customers with new vehicles tailored to their personal tastes. 

The Signature Vehicles programme provides customers with the opportunity to create a car with a host of cosmetic, performance and interior upgrades available on new cars.

The first bespoke car to come from the programme is a Mulgari F56 SV, based on the current F56 Mini Cooper S. Available across the entire the Mini range, the new bespoke models can now be ordered directly from Mulgari. 

The Mulgari F56 SV launched at exclusive invite-only event during which customers were also shown a Signature Vehicle concept of a McLaren MP4-12C known as ‘Project Twelve’. 

Instantly setting the F56 SV out from the standard car is a visual enhancement pack, which brings a more aggressive look to the current Mini Cooper S. This involves the removal of all chrome from the exterior with one of six colour accents added to the mirrors, belt line, brake calipers and front grille. New 18” lightweight sports wheels are added with a lower front splitter fitted to the front bumper. Custom exhaust tips hint at the heightened performance available in the F56 SV. 

Mulgari unlocks the performance potential of the F56 Mini with a bespoke engine management programme, a refined exhaust system and additional engine cooling resulting in a 23 per cent increase in performance. Power is increased to 280 bhp, with 290 lbft of torque now available. An entirely new suspension setup enables customers to take full advantage of the additional performance without removing any of the original model’s character. The F56 SV sits 30mm lower than the standard car, adding further presence to customer’s individual Signature Vehicle from the exterior. 

Inside, every Mulgari Signature Vehicle undergoes a complete interior refit, with the seats, steering wheel and doors professionally retrimed in the customer’s choice of material and colour. Like the exterior, contrast stitching provides a subtle accent colour, while a host of non-standard options can also be specified. 

Every Signature Vehicle is handmade-to-order to customer’s exact specification at Mulgari’s state-of-the-art Berkshire-based showroom and workshop. 

Customers can expect an ownership experience similar to the loyal drivers of elite automotive brands. Mulgari designs every aspect of the car with the customer, offering access to exclusive options and looking after every detail of the vehicle to delivery and thereafter. 

Benjamin Sunners, Owner, Mulgari Automotive, commented: “From our experience, we have seen how manufacturers can be frustrated by market requirements. Most customers come to Mulgari to ‘finish’ their car, unlocking its full performance and visual potential, and fitting options, some of which simply aren’t available from an OEM.

“The response to the Mulgari Project Twelve was overwhelming but we wanted to bring the fantastic experience of owning a bespoke car to more than a lucky few. Signature Vehicles delivers the ultimate customer experience in, what we feel is, the best fun car in the business. Taking a great car and enabling customers to make it truly theirs is what Mulgari has done for hundreds of customers and now they can have this experience at a dealer level, ordering a new car that is completely theirs from day one.” 

The Mulgari F56 SV is available to order now. 


Project Twelve, based on a MY2012 McLaren MP4-12C, initially sought to provide business insight into McLaren’s Sports Series platform by finding the ultimate performance potential to become the leading aftermarket specialist. Following eight months of development – which is still ongoing – Project Twelve was revealed to immediate positive reception. 

Mulgari worked with its suppliers to perfect the style and performance of its first performance special version. Every aspect of Mulgari’s offer was utilised during Project Twelve’s development, which ultimately resulted in the Signature Vehicle programme.

The Mulgari Design and Performance team looked to update and increase the visual impact of the MP4-12C. New carbon-fibre front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and diffuser were sought whilst new magnesium-alloy wheels were custom designed and made specifically for Project Twelve by Vossen in the US.

The specialist paint team changed the original car’s Volcano Orange to complete the updated exterior appearance and instantly set the Mulgari Project Twelve out from the standard car. Multiple interior enhancements were also implemented, including the fitment of lightweight carbon-fibre seats, which feature a bespoke stitch design. 

The team wanted to unlock the full performance potential of the MP4-12C; a new performance exhaust system was developed with exhaust specialist Fabspeed US, which included the addition of quad exhaust tips to emulate the iconic McLaren F1. Current performance is rated at 640 bhp with new performance intakes and a recalibrated ECU currently under development. 

On completion, upgrade packages based on Project Twelve will be available to McLaren owners.

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