Tue, May 9, 2017

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Precious Chopard shows off lacework

Delicate and precious, finely wrought and ablaze with light, the iconic High Jewellery collection by Chopard is an exquisite embroidery mingling creativity with sensitivity. 

Introduced in 2016 with jewellery sets inspired by a blooming corolla or the flurry of a whirling tutu skirt, Precious Chopard now welcomes dainty long ear pendants and openworked necklaces. 

With Precious Chopard, the jewellery artisans of the Geneva-based Maison become lacework experts. This dazzling showcase for stunning jewellery skills welcomes refined and precious earrings and necklaces. 

Like finely worked ornamental trimmings, they pick up the subtle curves of the collection in a daintily interwoven play on pear-shaped and brilliant-cut sapphires and diamonds, stemming from Chopard’s unique blend of sophisticated technical virtuosity and resolutely modern artistry.  

In the Chopard workshops, everything begins with a story of hands: those of the expert, patient and inventive artisans within the Manufacture who successively apply their skills to these exceptional creations. 

This smooth, complementary interaction between the various talents is facilitated by uniting more than 30 crafts under the same roof. They represent a wealth that the Scheufele family carefully nurtures by focusing on the transmission of expertise from generation to generation, as well as on training. 

Chopard is keenly aware that the most precious heritage is above all, those responsible for crafting these exceptional pieces. Chopard creations are an integral part of the proud High Jewellery tradition and artistic crafts are exercised at the very highest level there: lost-wax carvers and casters, jewellers, lapidaries, gemsetters and polishers… From lines to volumes, from goldsmithing to working on precious stones, they perpetually push the boundaries of feasibility and, by pooling their talents, give vibrant life to the most prestigious jewellery.

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