Mon, Jul 17, 2017

Feadship completes four major refits

In addition to building the finest custom yachts, Feadship also has a thriving business in refitting Feadships for owners who require that their superyacht retains its brand status and be ready in time for the new season. 

Four iconic Feadships were recently delivered in new condition and the variety of work on Aurora, Cipitouba, Drizzle and Tatasu testifies to the endless options offered by the dedicated refit teams.

Originally launched in 1992, the 50-m Aurora has been maintained to Feadship standard throughout her life. The latest refit at the Feadship yard in Makkum lasted eight months and Aurora was handed back to her delighted owners at the end of May.

The 40-m Cipitouba, launched as Seaflower in 2002, has been returned to peak condition since arriving back at the refit yard last September. This extensive project involved fitting new generators including exhaust gas filters (HUG) and a new exhaust system, a new electrical power management system with main switchboard and a new alarm and monitoring system. The interior was also given a comprehensive makeover, with a new main deck salon and dining room and bridge deck lounge. The hardware throughout the interior was renewed, new marble was placed in the guest bathrooms and an impressive new AV/IT and CCTV system was installed. Having passed her 15-year Lloyd’s survey, Cipitouba was delivered to her owners early June.

In addition to the refit projects carried out in its home base in the Netherlands, the Feadship refit team also supports and carries out work on Feadships at other locations. A good example came over the past winter at the MB92 yard in Barcelona with the refit of Drizzle, a 2012 Feadship which now has a new length of 68.77 metres. As well as extending the swimming platform by 1.5 metres, including new stainless steel railings, Drizzle has been given a complete new paintjob and modifications to certain interior areas were made. The new place for exercise is the sun deck, which has been modified to include the installation of gym equipment. The entire project lasted from October 2016 to the second week of May and was carried out by production personnel from the Feadship yards in Aalsmeer and Makkum.

Another successful project completed in the Med over the winter of 2015-2016 was on the 48-m Tatasu, launched in 1994 and still in the hands of her original owner today. The refit on Palma de Mallorca saw Feadship install a passenger lift, modernise various systems and build a seating area and outside ceilings on the bridge deck. Pleased with the results, Tatasu’s owner had her prized yacht returned to the Feadship yard in Makkum for further refit work last September. This time round the activities involved a complete engine room rebuild (including both engines and generators), constructing a control room, repainting the hull and bridge deck exterior areas, and renewing the outside ceilings on the main deck. The yacht was relaunched in April and, after successfully completing her sea trials, Tatasu headed straight back to the Med for the summer.

Two significant new refit projects have already been booked with Feadship for the coming winter. The expectation is that this number will grow as the season draws to a close and more and more Feadships find their way home.

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