Tue, Dec 8, 2015

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MedAire boosts Gulfstream Aerospace partnership

MedAire, a leading provider of in-flight medical and travel risk management solutions, has extended its longstanding relationship with Gulfstream Aerospace.

For 26 years, Gulfstream has included MedAire’s in-flight medical solutions as part of the standard equipment onboard every aircraft built.

Under the partnership deal, Gulfstream will not only equip aircraft with MedAire’s medical offerings, but will provide its clients with a state-of-the-art comprehensive travel risk management solution that meets the evolving needs of the business aviation customer.

Due to the changing mission profile of in business aviation, along with an overall higher level of travel risks, there is an evolving customer need for additional safety and security assistance, said the company in a statement.

Starting from the first quarter of 2016, all new Gulfstream aircraft will come equipped with MedAire’s expanded safety services, including aviation travel security briefs, air space assessments, information and advice to mitigate risk at destination, and access to its 24/7 global network of security experts, local providers and logistics personnel, it added.

“Gulfstream has always been on the forefront of providing leading edge services to their clients,” remarked Bill Dolny, the CEO of MedAire.

“Adding our comprehensive travel risk management solution to their entitlement program ensures Gulfstream clients will have state-of-art safety and security assistance that best meets the needs of today’s business traveler wherever they need to fly,” he noted.

MedAire said it has been receiving as many requests for security-related assistance as for medical services, there has been a 20 per cent year on year increase in customer utilization of services, with recent demand rising even higher, stated Dolny, citing the recent data from its Global Response Center (GRC).

MedAire pointed out that the real world call data is a testimonial to the changing travel and risk profile for the business aviation customer.

Gulfstream’s addition of comprehensive travel safety services is an example of manufacturers responding to evolving industry and customer needs.

"Clients are seeing real value in the safety and security assistance services we have added to our flagship medical offerings. And there is no other company in the industry that provides a full travel risk mitigation solution like MedAire," remarked Dolny.

An International SOS company, MedAire has been a leader in travel risk management for the business and general aviation market for over 30 years.

Travel security services are delivered through its joint venture with Control Risks, the world’s leading security risk management firm.

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